Day 2 Shenanigans

With some-more than 900 miles in a back perspective mirror, we were prepared for a small food booze and some most indispensable rest. Wilson, NC was a resting place for a night.

Day 2, SHORTS!

We were means to start a day in shorts and flip flops. Yahoo! After a prolonged winter in Maine this was a most appreciated reward.


From shorts to acquire signs, bridges and Forest Gump,  tolls and gas stations and a prolonged awaited margarita, day 2 was a blast! We finally done it to balmy Florida!! First stop, The Square Grouper for a initial margarita.  We wish we suffer a shenanigans from day 2!

South Carolina




Forest Gump welcomes we to Georgia!

Ahhhh Sunny Florida

One of large bridges entrance into Florida. Pretty cool!


Top down


The Square Grouper Tiki Bar in Jupiter, Florida

The Funky Little Shack, on Love Street!!

Stay tuned for day 3!


More zoo ...

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