Day 2 of a 2016 NFL Draft was for 2nd chances

CHICAGO — It was about emancipation on Day 2. It was a second-day NFL breeze shot for a 6 players who trafficked here yet were abandoned in Round 1. Redemption for Alabama. For a New England Patriots. For Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg.

After Ohio State snatched 5 of a tip 20 breeze slots in Round 1 on Thursday night, any other collegiate module was strictly smoked. Alabama stewed.

Three of a players — linebacker Reggie Ragland and defensive tackles A’Shawn Robinson and Jarran Reed — were among a 6 left behind in a breeze Green Room on Thursday night. Each satisfied that Ohio State has turn a glitz tube to a NFL. That NFL teams see speed and talent and winners from Ohio State. That a joining is salivating over Buckeyes.

New York teams pacifist all in. The Giants and Jets in a initial turn any took Buckeyes (cornerback Eli Apple to a Giants and linebacker Darron Lee to a Jets).

It seemed like any other collect on Thursday night was a Buckeye.

So, here on Friday night as Round 2 unfolded, while dual other invited players not comparison on Thursday night bolted, a Alabama contingent returned here. They stranded together. They knew emancipation was coming.

“We were insane during first, yet afterwards we calmed down,” Ragland said. “Coach (Nick) Saban is manager Saban. He’s not going to uncover too most tension unless we asked him. But we consider he was a small upset. But we are all out now.”

Ragland went initial in a second round, during No. 41 to a Buffalo Bills. Robinson went next, during No. 46 to a Detroit Lions. Reed finished a group, comparison No. 49 by a Seattle Seahawks.

Alabama players not here during a breeze also comparison in a second turn were Heisman Trophy using behind Derrick Henry during No. 45 by a Tennessee Titans and cornerback Cyrus Jones during No. 60 by a Patriots — their initial preference after DeflateGate penalties had cost them their first-round pick.

Round 1 was a Buckeyes bonanza.

But Round 2 was a Crimson Tide roll.

“Oh, man, we was meditative of all — we wish to go home, subsequent thing I’m going to stay,” Ragland pronounced about Thursday night.

Robinson explained: “Me, Jarran and Reggie, we motionless we done this tour together and we wanted to go out and leave together. We aren’t only going to come one night and leave since we didn’t get drafted in a initial round. We wanted to hear a name called and travel opposite that stage.”

And eventually they did. One by one.

“I went by any kind of tension there was on Thursday night,” Reed said. “I was frustrated. we went behind to a hotel with my family and prayed. we had a low plate pizza and watched TV. We stayed humble. We showed any other a garland of love. After they all got picked, they came and stayed with me until we was picked. We are some-more than teammates, we’re brothers.”

It says copiousness about this Alabama contingent that they were not too unapproachable to lapse and attend Round 2. That they were not too broke to uncover up.

What accurately is a contrition in being drafted among a tip 49 players in America?

Clemson defensive finish Kevin Dodd did not lapse here for a second turn yet he was drafted during No. 33 by a Tennessee Titans. UCLA linebacker Myles Jacks did not lapse and he was drafted during No. 36 by a Jacksonville Jaguars.

But a Alabama contingent came behind and dug in. So did Mississippi State defensive tackle Chris Jones. He went during No. 37 to a Kansas City Chiefs.

“When we get invited here, we are always awaiting to go in a initial round,” Jones said. “Everybody has their expectation. They wish to go adult on a theatre before anybody. They wish to be a male to cuddle a commissioner first. You know, everybody’s trail is different. The NFL, it’s not a race, it’s a marathon. This was a really special feeling. You only don’t know a feeling. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a initial day, yet I’ll be damned, it was a second day. It’s a blessing, man.”

This breeze became a statement, a comparison of Ohio State and Alabama. Both new inhabitant champions. Both breeze powers. But once a third turn was finished here on Friday night, Ohio State validated that it resides in another breeze universe — it constructed a breeze record 10 players in a initial 3 rounds.

Alabama, though, managed emancipation in Round 2.

Ragland, Robinson and Reed stood tall.

They accepted how Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg felt, how a breeze routine chewed them adult and pushed them behind serve than they had hoped. Hackenberg was being labeled a lousy personality and a quarterback who would tumble tough in a draft. But he fooled them all, comparison during No. 51 in a second turn by a New York Jets. He dumbfounded them all, apropos a initial quarterback comparison in a second round.

Redemption. Elevation after first-round snubs.

“This is only a beginning,” Hackenberg said.

Bruises and all.

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