Dairy Queen eyes Westchester for New York expansion

Dairy Queen, a general soft-serve ice cream and fast- food grill chain, is looking to supplement adult to 100 locations in New York over a subsequent 10 years in an enlargement approaching to symbol DQ’s entrance in Westchester County.   

The Minneapolis company, owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is looking for franchisees to move a Blizzard sundaes and cheeseburgers into a Westchester market.

While Dairy Queen is not now a participation in a county, it has determined itself in a surrounding area. The sequence has locations in Manhattan, a Bronx and New Jersey and in Orange and Dutchess counties in a Hudson Valley. Dairy Queen also operates in Connecticut’s Fairfield County, with locations in Stamford, Monroe, Bridgeport and Stratford.

It might be best famous for a ice cream, though a association is looking to grow a Grill Chill indication in Westchester. Dairy Queen launched a judgment in 2002. Beyond a soft-serve ice cream that Dairy Queen creatively offered, a locations lift a accumulation of burgers and duck sandwiches.

Jim Kerr, clamp boss of authorization enlargement for Dairy Queen, pronounced a association generally looks for gifted operators to authorization a locations. Franchise owners are compulsory to have $400,000 in equity for a singular store and approximately $2 million in equity to open mixed stores. The investment for a authorization customer ranges from $1.07 million to $1.83 million before a cost of leasing or purchasing land, according to Dairy Queen.

“Ideally, we adore to see multiunit-capable franchisees,” Kerr said. “A organisation that already operates a code that wants to variegate in an area, or usually people with clever business skills with entrance to capital.”

Kerr pronounced a Grill Chill judgment is an appealing indication for franchisees, as it can attract business for lunch, cooking or snacks. Dairy Queen final year launched 84 new Grill Chill locations and converted some-more than 200 unchanging DQ locations and expects to open another 85 this year, he said. A sum of 1,560 Grill Chill locations have non-stop in 42 states.

Kerr pronounced a association uses analytics to find locations that would work best to pull business to Dairy Queen. The regulation showed multiples areas in Westchester that could work, Kerr said, including White Plains, Yonkers, Greenburgh and Port Chester.

Dairy Queen wants to give business a drive-through option, so standalone buildings are elite to locations in selling plazas or malls, Kerr said. Exceptions can be done for denser areas, he added, citing a Manhattan plcae that consists of usually a storefront. The normal DQ Grill Chill grill hs about 2,600 block feet of space with ability for 72 seats, according to a company.

The initial Dairy Queen non-stop in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois, and a association still operates many heavily in a Midwest. But Kerr pronounced Dairy Queen has pushed into a southeast, Texas and California, along with a enlargement in New York in Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and Long Island.

August is a good month to be articulate New York expansion, Kerr said. The DQ Blizzard of a Month right now is a Royal New York Cheesecake.


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