Cunning Cuttlefish

I watched an extraordinary Nova special on cuttlefish, a relations of octopus. These animals unequivocally are a “Kings of Camouflage!” we have seen animals that can change colors to compare their environments, though we have never seen one means to furnish relocating colors or to melt their bodies to impersonate objects in their environment, like seaweed. Even some-more extraordinary is that researchers have detected one species, a decorated cuttlefish, that is indeed unwholesome that explains because they are dauntless adequate to travel around a sea building instead of float like their cousins. Researchers are now examining this poison to establish if it will be useful to medicine. This is unequivocally a must-see video!!

As if their function and ability to adjust were not cold enough, these animals have a weird anatomy as well. Their blood is indeed blue-green, they have 3 hearts and their smarts are made like donuts! You can watch a video describing their anatomy on a NOVA website as well.

I could only lay and watch these fish all day. we consternation if a internal aquarium has any. Although we am certain a internal fish marketplace does as they are a sweetmeat in some cultures.

Crispy or pressed cuttlefish anyone?

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