Creamy and only a right volume sweet, this is a chocolate ice cream bottom we swear by

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This creamy, roughly chewy bottom is packaged with cocoa flavor, though since it’s a mellow chocolate done chalky with a further of evaporated milk, it will play good but strenuous any add-ins. Unlike a normal French custard-based ice cream, this recipe is egg-free and relies on evaporated divert for both season and body.

Don’t be tempted to leave out a corn syrup. It’s reduction honeyed than granulated sugarine and keeps a ice cream from removing icy.

Recipe note: The ice cream bottom needs to chill overnight in a fridge or, if we are regulating an ice-water bath (see NOTE, below), during slightest an hour on a counter. The topsy-turvy ice cream needs during slightest 4 hours to set in a freezer.

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1 crater and 2 tablespoons whole milk

1 tablespoon and 2 teaspoons cornstarch

2 ounces bittersweet chocolate (55 to 70 percent cocoa)

1 1/2 cups complicated cream

1 1/2 cups (one 12-ounce can) evaporated milk

3/4 crater sugar

1/4 crater light corn syrup

1/3 crater unsweetened cocoa powder

1/4 teaspoon salt


Step 1

Whisk about 2 tablespoons of a divert with a cornstarch in a tiny play to form a well-spoken slurry.

Chop a chocolate and put it in a middle bowl.

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Step 2

Combine a remaining milk, a cream, evaporated milk, sugarine and corn syrup in a vast (4-quart) saucepan, over medium-high heat. Bring to a rolling boil and supplement a cocoa, whisking until it is incorporated, shortening a feverishness as indispensable to make certain a reduction does not boil over; prepare for 4 minutes. Remove from a feverishness only prolonged adequate to gradually drive in a cornstarch slurry; lapse a reduction to a boil over medium-high feverishness and prepare for about 1 minute, stirring with a spatula until somewhat thickened, with a coherence a small thicker than complicated cream. Remove from a heat.

Step 3

Gradually drive a hot-milk reduction into a chocolate. Add a salt and drive until a chocolate is melted and incorporated. Cover a play and cool it until entirely chilled, during slightest overnight. (At this point, we can drive in season add-ins, such as extracts or liqueurs.)

Step 4

When we are prepared to churn, arrange your ice cream appurtenance according to a manufacturer’s directions and spin it on. Pour in a cold ice cream bottom and spin until it’s thick and tawny — about a coherence of soft-serve ice cream.

Step 5

Pack a ice cream into a storage container, swapping it with layers of your plain add-ins of choice, if using; do not stir (to keep a layering). Press a piece of vellum paper directly opposite a surface, and sign with an indisputable lid. Freeze in a coldest partial of your freezer until firm, during slightest 4 hours.

NOTE: To chill a bottom reduction faster, flow it into a gallon-size resealable zip-top bag and seal. Submerge a hermetic bag in an ice-water bath in a vast bowl. Let stand, adding some-more ice as necessary, until cold, during slightest 1 hour.

Adapted from “Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams during Home” (Artisan, 2011) and “Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts” (Artisan, 2014), both by Jeni Britton Bauer.

Tested by Becky Krystal; email questions to

Scale and get a printer-friendly chronicle of a recipe here.

Did we make this recipe? Take a print and tag us on Instagram with #eatvoraciously.


Calories: 310; Total Fat: 18 g; Saturated Fat: 13 g; Cholesterol: 65 mg; Sodium: 160 mg; Carbohydrates: 33 g; Dietary Fiber: 2 g; Sugars: 24 g; Protein: 4 g.

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