CPS butter cookies: You can still find a classics years after they disappeared

Rich, buttery and only 5 cents each, Chicago Public Schools’ iconic butter cookies done lunchtime all a merrier from a 1960s and by a ’80s. These classical shortbread cookies, pulpy with 3 fingers for good magnitude and baked to toasty perfection, once graced cafeteria trays opposite a city.

“They were a comprehensive best,” says Gwendolyn Streak, who has worked in CPS lunchrooms for some-more than 19 years and now manages operations during Schurz High School in Old Irving Park. “Once we saw a lunch ladies portion adult cookies in a cafeteria … it was strictly a good day.”

Made from scratch, with lots of butter and lots of sugar, they’re not on a menu anymore, given their fat and sugarine calm wouldn’t accommodate today’s nourishment standards.

“But we still make them each once in a while, to share among a cafeteria staff,” Streak says.

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