Cozy Corner’s Rich Cheese Fondue isn’t utterly what you’d expect

A good approach to keep comfortable during a winter is by enjoying a good fondue. The multiple of bubbly melted cheese and bread can lift a spirits — and comfortable a stomachs — of anyone in a inlet of a coldest season.

Sweets sequence Cozy Corner’s new Rich Cheese Fondue isn’t utterly what we would expect. The chain’s newest dessert (¥540) doesn’t come out of a oven hot, yet instead facilities pieces of shortbread cake swimming in a cheese salsa mixture. This provide even comes in a small red pot, meant as a anxiety to what we customarily eat cheese fondue out of.

But desert any expectations of this replicating a comfortable version. Cozy Corner’s origination leans toward a honeyed side, essentially interjection to a shortbread pieces dunked in a mixture. They go good with a cheese, though, and their slight sweetened ambience works good with a richer flavor. This fondue dessert is some-more notable for the novel judgment than the taste, yet it’s good adequate to try once.

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