Cowboy Chicken Adds Co-Founder of Boston Market to Propel Growth

Dallas-based Cowboy Chicken is staid for poignant enlargement by franchising and corporate expansion. Kip Kolow, co-founder of Boston Market, is now operative as Chief Strategy Officer of a wood-fired rotisserie grill chain, fasten army with boss and CEO Sean Kennedy to strengthen systems and put processes in place to enhance a quick infrequent code opposite a country.

“Cowboy Chicken is a differentiated judgment – one of usually dual inhabitant rotisserie duck brands,” says Kolow, who co-founded a Boston Market sequence in 1985. “That means we mount out in a sea of burgers, pizza, Asian and burrito bondage that have overproliferated, and we have a good event with lots of white space accessible for growth. Our government group is removing stronger, and we are scheming to expand.”

Kolow and Kennedy initial met during an attention tradeshow in 2013, now joining over their common knowledge with inhabitant rotisserie duck chains. They built a loyalty over a indirect years, so when Kennedy motionless in 2017 that it was time for Cowboy Chicken to consider and labour a business in credentials for expansion, he knew who to call.

“Kip is a master of sum and handling systems,” says Kennedy. “He also co-created one of a first  from-scratch quick infrequent brands, and we knew Cowboy Chicken would advantage severely from his imagination in environment adult scalable systems for multi-unit companies.”

“Working with Cowboy Chicken is feeding my soul,” says Kolow. “I have such honour for a approach Sean treats employees and guest and his joining to progressing a firmness of a association culture. This brand, where a food is as honest as a handshake, is a singular find.”

Kolow assimilated Cowboy Chicken as a consultant in a summer of 2017, spending 6 months reviewing all facets of a brand’s business and commencement to build a horizon for genuine growth. Named Chief Strategy Officer in Jan 2018, Kolow and Kennedy have now combined and begun implementing a five-year devise for enlargement that includes scalable systems for food production,  an softened authorization communication complement and infrastructure, accounting protocols and some-more vital genuine estate initiatives.

Looking ahead, Kennedy and Kolow devise to continue attracting area developers and multi-unit operators. They are focused on leveraging record to improved know a business and patron behavior, as good as building Cowboy Chicken’s strong database of patron information to code ideal locations, strengthen logistics for food placement and new store opening and development, and marketplace a code some-more efficiently.

What began in 1981 as a singular grill in Dallas has now grown into over 25 company-owned and franchised restaurants located via Texas and in Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, Iowa, South Dakota and California. For some-more than 35 years, Cowboy Chicken has been portion all-natural, hormone-free rotisserie chickens that are hand-seasoned in store, cooking for 24 hours and afterwards solemnly roasted for dual hours over a genuine wood-burning fire. Other dishes embody signature green cream tomatillo duck enchiladas, abounding scratch-made sides such as Twice Baked Potaters, Baked Mac Cheese, Ranchero Beans and anniversary cobblers baked in-house daily.

Cowboy Chicken’s robust and healthy dishes are accessible during lunch and cooking for dine-in, take out, catering and delivery. On-the-go diners can sequence on a Cowboy Chicken app, accessible by a Apple App Store and Google Play Store, that allows guest to sequence ahead, compensate with their phone during checkout and acquire rewards.

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