Couple turns passion for solidified yogurt into essential business …

TAMPA — They had only started dating. But instead of assembly for coffee or cocktails via a week, Ean Mendelsohn and Jaclyn Levy would go out for solidified yogurt.

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She was on a full froyo bandwagon, in a tallness of a 2009 breakthrough when Tampa Bay had clearly unconstrained choices like Pinkberry, CaliYogurt, You Say When and Soobak Yogurt Bar. But Berryism was their favorite.

“We’d lift into a parking lot only after they sealed and say, ‘You know, if we owned a place we could only travel in,’ ” he said.

After a froyo-laden scouting outing to Arizona, Levy staid on Yogurtology, a self-service code formed in Scottsdale that was what employees of other shops pronounced was their favorite. They bought a growth rights for Florida and non-stop a plcae during a skill already owned by Levy’s family, located during 1202 S Church Ave, off Henderson Boulevard in South Tampa.

The large disproportion for a code was that it’s not marketed for children. The store’s interior is clean, white colors with an open building devise and immaculate steel accents.

“You don’t wish adults sitting during pinkish and purple cosmetic chairs,” Mendelsohn explained. He’s gentle assembly adult with friends from MacDill Air Force Base for a crater of solidified yogurt.

Unlike a vital brands of a time, Yogurtology is self-serve with dozens of toppings and labelled by a ounce. Business was great, adult until consumers began removing over a froyo disturb and stores began shutting down opposite a nation and in Tampa Bay.

“We saw a outrageous converging in a industry,” Mendelsohn said. “Everyone freaked out and panicked.” Competitors started slicing behind their hours and separated uninformed fruit and other perishable toppings.

Management had to assure a staff that progressing good patron use and a reward product would get them by a crash, he said.

“We have a successful business; we’re not desperate,” he said. “If we grow some-more organically, we don’t need to worry.”

For years now, Yogurtology has dominated a Tampa Bay marketplace and continues to expand. In 2013, a couple, as good as Levy’s brother, Jordan, bought out a Arizona authorization owner. Earlier this year, they non-stop a plcae in Tampa International Airport’s general terminal, and are starting to some-more severely cruise franchising outward a area.

Their business now has 8 locations and some-more than 100 employees.

For a second year in a row, Yogurtology was named a Tampa Bay Times Top Workplace. In another repeat: It ranked No. 2 among tiny companies, that are those with adult to 149 or fewer internal employees.

Mendelsohn credited a fulfilment to a family-oriented business and government style.

“When we have committed to operative as a family there’s no, ‘Oh, we don’t work, we you’ve got to go,’ ” he explained. “We work with them on their strengths and weaknesses and find a right place where they can flower and that’s 10 times some-more prolific than replacing them and carrying to retrain someone else.”

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