Couple Sues Starbucks After Allegedly Receiving a Frappuccino with Barista’s Blood On It

“Once we drank it, afterwards we could see on a inside of a edge that there was blood,” Amanda Vice told KTLA. “She was beating a churned cream where it had been sitting on top.” Louis says he afterwards called Starbucks saying, “My mother and my baby only drank someone’s blood.”

According to a news recover from a family’s counsel Stan Pekler, Starbucks concurred that a barista had been bleeding, and that she was educated to stop creation customer’s drinks. The manager allegedly offering a family giveaway drinks for a week and after a association offering them $1,000 each, that Pekler says they incited down given it “does not start to recompense a family for suffered injuries and indemnification for that Starbucks is liable.”

In response to a lawsuit, Starbucks orator Reggie Borges tells PEOPLE: “We’ve been operative directly with [the family] to find a fortitude given this allegedly happened roughly dual years ago, so we were astounded that they filed a lawsuit final week. And we were even some-more astounded that their authorised group put out a news recover on Wednesday and felt a need to blast it out to media.”

“We’ll continue to try to work with a family to try to come to a fortitude and get a improved bargain of what they feel is satisfactory formed on these allegations,” he continues. “But now that it’s turn a lawsuit we are entirely prepared to make a box on this matter.”

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Following a incident, a family had blood tests finished which indicated that no diseases were transmitted, according to a news release. The matter also says they are suing on drift that it caused “stress, nervousness, fright, anguish, grief, anxiety, worry, and shock,” alleging several torts including negligence and romantic distress.

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