Could This Be a Most Flavorful Rotisserie Chicken in Westchester?

Carta Brava, a Peruvian travel food corner in New Rochelle, has people entrance behind again and again for a tender, seasoned pollo a la brasa.

Photos by Sibylla Chipaziwa

“The series one problem people have with pollo a la brasa is that they don’t marinate a duck for prolonged enough,” explains Carta Brava owners Brian Morgado, bustling in a kitchen prepping duck for a rotisserie, uninformed from a two-week outing to Peru.

Carta Brava’s duck is prepped over a four-day period. That’s right, 4 days: dual days in a brook root brine, and dual days in a tip marinade, that includes beer, cumin, and red booze vinegar — all to container a tender, juicy, and dainty punch. Morgado also places a brook root in a body for some-more aromatics as it turns in 165-degree°F feverishness for about 90 minutes.

Sometimes, fume chips are used to supplement customarily a small some-more flavor. “It unequivocally does make it go a prolonged way,” Morgado says.

After marinating for dual days in a tip recipe, a duck is prepared for a rotisserie oven.

According to Morgado, pollo a la brasa started some time in a 1970s in a strand city of Callao, Peru, where his family is from. Initially, duck was customarily fried, and rotisseries offering a healthier, leaner choice to suffer a protein with a standard fries and salad accompaniments. The machines also desirous chefs to put their personal touches to seasonings, as juices and some-more are trapped in a beef as it cooks. “Each grill has it’s possess singular movement of a marinade,” Morgado adds.

Carta Brava is now dual years old, and another renouned object on a menu is saltado (which translates to “jumping”), a stir-fry plate regulating a high feverishness of a wok, sketch from Peru’s Japanese culinary influences, that includes a use of soy sauce. The somewhat charred meat, tomatoes, and onions are customarily served over fries, that soak adult all those hazed juices. Also, Carta Brava is a customarily Peruvian mark in a city that has a wok burner.

Saltado is another Carta Brava specialty, that draws on Peru’s Japanese influences, customarily served over fries.

​Carta Brava
6 Division St, New Rochelle


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