Cooling Off

One of a best cures for a summer feverishness is cooling off with a favorite solidified dessert. We strike a city to revisit some of a region’s honeyed spots for cold treats, from Downtown to Powhatan, old to new, normal to outward a cone.

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Jimer’s Frozen Custard

20800 Hull Street Road, Moseley

In high school, James McAndrew never would have guessed his childhood nickname, “Jimer,” would after turn synonymous with solidified custard. McAndrew recently distinguished 10 years of handling his solidified custard business out of a trailer in Moseley after timid from FedEx.

“Being from a tiny city in Pennsylvania, we didn’t have state fairs and stuff; we had small carnivals that came around,” recalls McAndrew. “They had these kind of food trailers, and it was only nostalgic, it always brought behind memories. From what I hear from a vast apportionment of my customers, they feel a same way.”

Jimer’s Frozen Custard comes from Galliker’s dairy association in McAndrew’s hometown, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Customers can’t get adequate of it — a solidified provide emporium goes by about 300 to 400 gallons of custard a week.

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Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sold across a region and along a East Coast

Hannah Pollack and Xavier Meers have given a tack childhood sweetmeat a epicurean upgrade. Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches sells their homemade treats opposite 5 opposite states reaching from Wexford, Pennsylvania, to Savannah, Georgia.

“Everything is crafted by hand,” says Pollack.

Pollack and Meers, both chefs before to endeavour this new passion, are full-time ice-cream sandwich makers along with about 10 other employees.

Nightingale offers 8 tack flavors, though a throng favorites are “Cookie Monster” (chocolate-chip cookie, cookies and cream ice cream)  and “Fat Elvis” (banana ice cream and peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate, graphic above). Other flavors embody innovative Lavender Earl Grey (lavender Earl Grey ice cream, chocolate spirit cookie), and Key Lime Pie (brown sugarine cookie, pivotal orange ice cream), a summer classic. You can get your hands on these ice cream treats during Union Market, Cross Brothers Grocery, Ellwood Thompson’s and more.

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Mabel’s Espresso Bakery Cafe

3844 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan

Inspired by a vast milkshakes during New York City’s Black Tap, Mabel’s brought a crazy shake trend to Powhatan and recently distinguished a origination of their 10,000th shake given opening in Apr 2017. The shakes come in a far-reaching operation of flavors, spanning from fruity mixtures to honeyed and salty. The “Unicorn Shake,” one of Mabel’s specialty anniversary flavors, is flashy in sprinkles and rainbow-colored candy. Featured above is a “Peanut Butter Insanity,” one of Mabel’s top-selling shakes and each peanut butter enthusiast’s dream come true.

General Manager Caleb Stettler says they recently had a record-breaking day and sole scarcely 200 shakes. So, how many people does it take to make a Mabel’s shake?

“At a unclothed smallest we substantially have about two,” says Stettler, “one chairman kind of putting them all together and another chairman creation a earthy shake, that substantially takes a many volume of time.”

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The Neighborhood Scoop

Intersection of North 26th Street and Nine Mile Road

Ice cream has found a approach to the intersection of village and accessibility in Church Hill.

“It is a culturally applicable food. Everyone likes ice cream,” says co-founder Lawson Wijesooriya, “young or old, black or white, abounding or poor.”

The goal during The Neighborhood Scoop is to offer a far-reaching assembly and be some-more inclusive. Offering soothing offer ice cream, that is some-more affordable, as good as qualification ice cream from Gelati Celesti, supports their mission.

“For us this isn’t a for-profit investment, this is a amicable enterprise,” says Wijesooriya. “We sinecure all girl from a area that are in need of event and need good pursuit training and entrance [to] entry-level jobs.”

Operating out of a truck, The Neighborhood Scoop is also a sentimental reverence to a dear High’s ice Cream that was once located in Church Hill. Gelati Celesti offers “Butter Brickle,” an loyalty to the popular favorite season served during High’s. The Scoop also creates an ice cream sandwich called a “High Five,” a $5 provide dedicated to High’s Ice Cream.

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Cold Platform

4336 Pouncey Tract Road, Glen Allen

Last September, a singular ice cream trend rolled a approach into a Short Pump area. Cold Platform specializes in scratch-made, rolled ice cream combined on a cold surface.

“It’s done right in front of you, glass to ice cream,” says owners Jonathan Alvarado. “Ours is true ice cream-based, we don’t siphon any atmosphere in it,” that Alvarado says kills a flavor.

S’mores (pictured above) is a throng favorite, served with marshmallow drizzle, chocolate, graham cracker and roasted marshmallow. Customers choose possibly vanilla or chocolate ice cream as a bottom and customize a provide with opposite toppings.

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La Michoacana

7808 Midlothian Turnpike, North Chesterfield

Tucked divided in a selling core on Midlothian Turnpike in North Chesterfield is a colorfully flashy emporium that specializes in authentic Mexican solidified pops. La Michoacana offers paletas in a crowd of flavors, trimming from strawberries and cream (above) to pico de gallo. Stop in to also find Mexican helado, aka ice cream, offering in varieties such as plantain, Mexican cake and more.

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Beauvine Burger Concept

1501 W. Main St.

In a heart of The Fan, Beauvine Burger Concept has won a capitulation of many Richmonders for a artisanal burgers, though their handmade milkshakes, made from Homestead Creamery ice cream, are certain to make an impression, too. Specifically a Adult Shakes — tawny concoctions infused with several liquors. Featured above is a “Secret Breakfast,” a boozy take on Fruity Pebbles interjection to Absolut Lime vodka and Grand Marnier. 

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