Cookie Jam super fan has cookie recipe featured as a nonplus square in renouned game


Sally McKenney of Sally’s Baking Addiction shares her recipe for chewy chocolate cube cookies — a usually chocolate chip cookie recipe you’ll ever need. Catch a full partial on

Move over, Candy Crush.

An upstate New York woman is being touted for her peanut butter cookie recipe on Cookie Jam Blast. The free-to-play, match-3 nonplus mobile game, downloaded some-more than 100 million times, takes participants through a adventures of Chef Panda’s query to turn a best pâtissier in a universe as they acquire mixture and turn adult their Chef Rank.

Starting weekly on Nov. 29 and fluctuating by a finish of a year, the favorite cookie recipe of a Cookie Jam Blast “super fan,” will be showcased in a diversion as a nonplus piece, part of what a association is calling the “Season of Cookies.”

The graduation also ties in easily with National Cookie Day that is Dec. 4.

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And a leader is …

Buffalo stay-at-home mom Cindy Dutton is a initial featured home baker and highlights a dear recipe she began creation in her youth when she and her grandmother would bake together wearing relating aprons.

Dutton recalls dipping her finger in a peanut butter as a child (grandma didn’t seem to mind!) and a interesting aroma that filled a kitchen. She pronounced it wasn’t until she reached  adulthood, that she understood her grandparents didn’t have a lot of income and so it creates sense that her grandmother chose baking as an activity they could do together. 

“For her to make that special time for me means a lot and now that she’s gone, we try to do that with my daughter,” pronounced Dutton.

Along with baking, that she still does often, Dutton fell in adore with mobile games since of a amicable aspect. She pronounced she particularly loves Cookie Jam Blast for a accumulation of levels, styles and hurdles it presents. Never in her wildest dreams, however, did she suppose a dear family recipe would finish adult in a game. 

Said Dutton: “Having this recipe common in a diversion is an respect since it reminds me of my grandmother and, in retrospect, she will always be partial of a diversion for me.”

Make a cookies 

Want to ambience Dutton’s cookies? A “View Recipe” symbol takes players to Cookie Jam Blast’s Facebook page, where a cookie’s recipe and backstory will be featured. For some-more details, follow @CookieJamBlast or go to

Fun cookie facts

Jam City, a studio behind a game, best famous for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and Panda Pop, served up the following cookie stats: 

  • 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are eaten in a U.S any year; half of those are homemade.
  • The normal American will eat 35,000 cookies in their lifetime.
  • Chocolate chips were invented for use in a chocolate chip cookie.
  • The U.S. leads a universe as a biggest cookie bakers and eaters, spending some-more than $550 million annually on Oreos alone.
  • The chocolate chip cookie was combined by collision by Ruth Wakefield. Ruth suspicion a chopped pieces of chocolate would widespread via a cookie when baked, though they hold their form.
  • Introduced in 1902, a animal cracker was a initial blurb cookie in a U.S.

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