Cookie Jam: Grand Island mom’s cookie is picked to be partial of dungeon phone game

The diversion creation company, Jam City is hosting a month-long jubilee to respect home baking during a holiday season, in a renouned game, Cookie Jam Blast, called a “Season of Cookies!”

Now by a finish of a year, any week, a favorite cookie recipe of a Cookie Jam Blast super fan, will be featured in a diversion as a nonplus piece. Players will also be served a ‘View Recipe’ button, that will approach them to a Cookie Jam Blast Facebook page, where they can entrance a cookie’s recipe, accommodate a actor behind a cookie and review a story of since this recipe binds a special place in their recipe box and heart.

The initial featured home baker is Cindy Dutton of Grand Island. Her favorite recipe is a Peanut Butter Cookie, a cookie she’s been creation given childhood – initial in her grandmother’s kitchen and now in her own.

A stay during home mom and caregiver for her father, Dutton says she fell in adore with mobile games since of a amicable aspect of personification with friends and she quite loves Cookie Jam Blast for a accumulation of levels, styles and hurdles in a game.

Her adore for cookies began as a small lady when she would bake peanut butter cookies with her grandmother while wearing relating aprons. She pronounced carrying her recipe common in a diversion is an respect since “it reminds me of my grandmother and, in retrospect, she will always be partial of a diversion for me. Every time we play, it will be a really special reminder.”

When she was a girl, she removed she would bake these Peanut Butter cookies while visiting her grandmother and they would any wear a special apron. When a cookies were ready, they would be placed on a special platter and when her grandfather would came in from a yard, he would now commend a interesting aroma.

As an adult, reflecting on a smashing memory, Dutton pronounced she now understands since her grandparents, who didn’t have a lot of money, would use an activity like cookie baking to bond with her. “As a child, we don’t know a value of things though now we demeanour behind and we go, ‘Wow, they didn’t have much.’ So for her to make that special time for me means a lot and now that she’s gone, we try to do that with my daughter.”

Cookie Jam Blast is a free-to-play, match-three nonplus mobile diversion accessible for iPhones and Android inclination around a App Store and Google Play. For some-more sum on Cookie Jam Blast revisit Facebook at:

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