Colonial Club announces Jan menu

The Colonial Club is located during 301 Blankenheim Lane.

Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day: Closed

Jan. 2: Pot Roast, Boiled Potatoes, Carrots, Onion, Peaches, Wheat Roll, Cupcake, MO: Black Bean Burger, Salad Option: Chicken Salad

Jan. 3: Chicken Parmesan, Pasta, Green Beans, Bread, Blueberries, Cheesecake, MO: Meatless Spaghetti

Jan. 4: Cream of Potato Soup, Turkey/Cheddar on 7 pellet w/ romaine, tomato, 100% Juice, Rice Krispy Bar, MO: Cheese Sandwich

Jan. 5: Stuffed Green Pepper, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Wheat Bread, Pineapple, Cookie, MO: Soy Patty

Jan. 8: Chili w/beans, Toss Salad, Cottage Cheese, Corn Muffin, Peaches, Ice Cream, MO: Bean/Meatless Chili

Jan. 9: Scallop Potatoes Ham, Stewed Tomatoes, Wheat Bread, Strawberries on Angel Food Cake, MO: Mac Cheese, Salad Option: Taco Salad

Jan. 10: Chicken Breast, Twice Baked Potato, Baked Beans, Whole Wheat Bread, Applesauce, Pudding, MO: Tomato Basil Patty

Jan. 11: Egg Omelet, Sausage Patty, Hash Browns, Broccoli, Orange Juice, Croissant, MO: Soy Sausage

Jan. 12: Goulash, Corn, Romaine Salad, French Bread, Pears, Frozen Yogurt, MO: Red Beans Rice

Jan. 15 – Martin Luther King Day: Lasagna, Green Beans, Banana, WW Bread, Pumpkin Bars, MO: Mac Cheese

Jan. 16: Sloppy Joe, Mac Cheese, Calico Beans, 100% Juice, Fruited Applesauce, Rice Crispy Bar, MO: Soy Burger, Salad Option: Harvest Salad

Jan. 17: Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Peaches, Wheat Dinner Roll, Cherry Pie, MO: Veg. Burger

Jan. 18: Chicken Alfredo, Broccoli, Soft Bread Stick (WW), Pineapple, Jell-O, MO: Mac Cheese

Jan. 19: Shepard’s Pie, Carrots, Wheat Roll, Mixed Berries, Ice Cream, MO: Soy crumbles

Jan. 22: Breaded Fish, Red Skin Potato, Baked Beans, Applesauce, Rye Bread, Frosted Cupcake, MO: Soy burger

Jan. 23: Tomato Bisque Soup, Egg Salad Sandwich, Broccoli Salad, 100% Juice, Cream Torte, MO: Cheese sandwich/veg soup-meatless, Salad Option: Chicken Confetti

Jan. 24: Roast Chicken, Mash Potatoes/gravy, Broccoli, BP Biscuit, Pears, Jell-O, MO: Veggie Lasagna

Jan. 25: Spaghetti Meatballs, Corn, Garlic Bread, Fruit Cocktail, Sugar Cookie, MO: Soy Crumbles

Jan. 26: Parmesan Tilapia, Cheesy Potatoes, Peas, Mandarin Oranges, Rye Bread, Sherbet, MO: Tomato Basil Patty

Jan. 29: Vegetable Soup, Roast Beef Sandwich, Lettuce Tomato slices, Pickle, Fruited Applesauce, Spice Cake w/ topping, MO: Cheese sandwich

Jan. 30: Turkey/Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Squash, Roll, Apple Pie, MO: Veggie lasagna, Salad Option: Chef Salad

Jan. 31: Pulled Pork, Salad, Calico Beans, Whole Wheat Bun, Ambrosia, MO: Soy Meatballs

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