Clarice’s: where homemade never goes out of style

Even with 33 years of training underneath her belt, Nanci Olmos still gets vehement before any category during her store, Clarice’s Cake Candy Supplies in Newhall.

“I adore pity my craft, generally around a holidays,” she said.

Tonight, it’s Halloween Crazy Cookies and a 11 students are collected around tables in groups, examination Olmos as she demonstrates how to adorn shortbread cookies with fondant and several forms of icing, candies, and dusts.

Among a throng are newcomers like Chelsey Umana of Sylmar. “I usually had a baby and wish to learn how to bake for category projects,” she said.

It’s also a initial category for Carolyn Hoffman of Castaic. “I’m super excited. we adore perplexing things like this during home, though I’m not good during it,” Hoffman said.

Standing behind a high opposite given with an beyond counterpart that allows for a category to watch her any move, Olmos starts rolling out fondant for a witch’s hat. She takes a cookie knife in a same figure as a cookies and brushes on a covering of piping jelly, that she dubs “baker’s glue.”

Olmos covers a stiff, sweetened piece over a watchful shortbread bottom and presses it into place perfectly.

“Fondant is a fastest, easiest approach to adorn a cookie,” Olmos said.

She afterwards takes an herb mincer to make little strips of orange fondant that she fashions into a crawl with a assist of a little dowel.

Hoffman follows along, spirited during a results. “Oh my God, this is amazing. I’m super vehement about my magician hat. I’m posting it on Facebook tonight,” she said.

That kind of fad is what stirred Olmos to take over Clarice’s in 1985. She was a teacher’s assist who took classes from a strange Clarice, never expecting she would one day possess a store, that sells reserve trimming from tins, boxes, wraps, candies, sugars, flours, and usually about anything a baker could need.

“Clarice asked me if we wanted to buy a store and during first, we pronounced no, though eventually we altered my mind,” Olmos said.

Since then, Olmos has substantially taught tighten to 10,000 classes, including cake and cupcake decorating, showcasing such as skills as operative with chocolate, or formulating fun petit fours and smart cake pops.  

Barbie Campeau has been by Olmos’ side for a final 15 years, baking all a equipment required for category and assisting students all a new techniques they’ll learn over a two-hour class, that customarily run $25 to $25.

It’s a tough business, though one that Olmos believes is important.

“I’ve seen Kmart tighten and Sears is shutting now, and we consternation how we can keep going. But this is homemade. It’s what this nation was founded on, creation things for home and family,” she said. “You can be on your mechanism all day long, though zero compares to a adore and hugs a homemade cookie brings.”

Next adult in class, Olmos takes a white bag of topping and showcases several opposite kinds of aluminum tips, creation all from skeleton to hair to grass.  With usually a few strokes of white stately icing, a chocolate shortbread cookie becomes a skeleton.

To denote portrayal with icing, a students are speedy to emanate a candy-corn cookie in shades of yellow, orange, and white, finishing it with a little black spider.

Olmos waves her cookie to atmosphere dry and Hoffman is following along like a pro. As principal of Sierra Vista Junior High, she skeleton to not usually share her cookies with staff, she wants to emanate an after-school baking category for students.

“The poetic thing about a qualification is that is unequivocally shows everyone’s particular styles and skills. Being artistic builds self venerate and it’s collaborative, so students can speak to any other while they’re doing it,” Hoffman said.

Beth Hansen of Castaic has been entrance to Clarice’s for 18 years, bringing along Girl Scouts when she was a couple personality and her possess children. Her daughter Laura Hansen is sitting opposite a list tonight, perplexing out new techniques. Together, they’ve taken about a dozen classes.

“I adore it here,” Beth Hansen said. “It’s a best kept tip in town.”

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