Chrissy Teigen’s pretence for ideally reheating McDonald’s cheeseburgers competence be a usually hangover heal you’ll ever need

Chrissy Teigen loves McDonald’s.

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Somewhere between earning a nickname “40 Nugz” and sharpened an ad for McDonald’s latest Dollar Menu revamp, Chrissy Teigen found a approach to make McDonald’s cheeseburgers only a small better.

The trick: Reheating them in a microwave. I’m not kidding. Last week we had a possibility to chat with Chrissy over a phone about her fave McDonald’s items, and she suggested that she bonds adult on cheeseburgers to reheat for later.

It’s a talent thought if we ask me. It’s good for those times when 2 am we consider we can eat 3 burgers, and 10 am we ain’t one to shade leftovers.

Chrissy supposing her instructions: “I sequence them in bulk, put them in a fridge, put them in a x-ray with a paper on for 35 seconds, and afterwards like a comfortable soothing pillow, they’re so, so delicious,” she said.

As most as we wanted to take her word for her it, that sounded too good to be true. we had to try it for myself. we went to McDonald’s, picked adult a $1 cheeseburger, placed it in my fridge, and went to sleep.

Ellie Conley/Sppon University

The subsequent day, with a paper on, we tossed a burger in a x-ray and strike 35 seconds. I’ll admit, we was weirdly giddy. we had never been this vehement to eat an aged burger before, and actually, my expectations were not high during all. we envisioned a uncanny slimy cheeseburger, only warm, yet we so badly wanted Chrissy to be right.

Then we took a bite. It was actually… good. It was warm, a cheese was generally melty, and a bun was pillowy-soft. we ate a whole thing.

Ellie Conley/Spoon University

Thank integrity Chrissy was right. we can’t trust we ever even doubted her, a lady who gave us “Cravings” and crowdsourced a ideal bananas around Twitter for creation banana bread for “Cravings 2.” My bad, yet now, a winning penetrate for us all.

According to Chrissy, and discordant to my possess strange belief, McDonald’s cheeseburgers are still good after a day. Honestly, I’ve never not finished one and had a event to eat a day aged burger though, so we wouldn’t unequivocally know.

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