Chocolate Lovers, Rejoice! Carvel® Releases New Soft Ice Cream Flavor Made with Ghirardelli®

ATLANTA, June 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for a summer, Carvel… America’s Freshest Ice Cream®, is giving chocolate lovers another approach to indulge with their latest season innovation: soothing ice cream done with Ghirardelli®. This is a initial time Carvel has charity soothing ice cream done with Ghirardelli® in a shoppes via a nation and shows once again how Carvel is a heading ice cream season innovator.

The tasty new soothing ice cream done with Ghirardelli® will be accessible during participating shoppes commencement today, June 1 by Jul 31. In further to a newest flavor, Carvel will be charity an array of honeyed treats done with Ghirardelli® soft ice cream, including:

  • Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Made with Ghirardelli® – Carvel’s chocolate ice cream blended with Ghirardelli® chocolate sauce.
  • Sundae Dasher® Made with Ghirardelli® – featuring creatively done soothing ice cream, that is done with Ghirardelli®, layered with chocolate crunchies and Ghirardelli® chocolate sauce, and surfaced with churned cream and Ghirardelli® chocolate salsa drizzle.
  • Shake Made with Ghirardelli® – with uninformed soothing ice cream done with Ghirardelli® chocolate salsa
  • Flying Saucer® Made with Ghirardelli® – uninformed soothing ice cream, that is done with Ghirardelli® and wedged between dual chocolate crackers.

“Our new soothing ice cream done with Ghirardelli® has usually a right volume of chocolatey brilliance blended into a signature uninformed ice cream,” pronounced Scott Colwell, President of Carvel. “We’re vehement to be means to use Carvel creation to give a guest another season they have been seeking for. We’re certain a newest season done with Ghirardelli® is going to be a large strike this summer.”

As a initial sell ice cream authorization operation in a country, Carvel has turn one of a many famous names in ice cream. Since it began in 1934, Carvel has stretched a menu to embody an endless line of hand-dipped and soothing ice cream, take-home newness treats and reward ice cream cakes. All Carvel treats are domestic during internal Carvel Shoppes daily and are done with usually authentic soothing ice cream.

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About Carvel® Ice Cream

The United States’ initial sell ice cream franchise, Carvel® Ice Cream has turn one of a best-loved and many famous names in a industry. The association is a heading provider of reward soothing ice cream and palm dipped ice cream products, as good as singly made ice cream cakes, including a signature Fudgie a Whale® and Cookie Puss® cakes.  Atlanta-based Carvel now operates over 400 franchised and food use locations. Visit for some-more information, follow us on Twitter @CarvelIceCream or turn a fan during

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