Chocolate ice cream takes core stage

Posted: Saturday, Jun 4, 2016 12:00 am

Chocolate ice cream takes core stage

By Mark Johnson

Smithville Herald


Gelato, custard and other solidified treats all have their followings. None might be as loyal, though, as those who still preference ice cream and a normal flavors — vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Chocolate, in fact, has a possess holiday, that will be distinguished on Jun 7. While not expected to go over with a trainer as a current reason to take off work, it does yield a reason to set a diet aside for a day.

“For adults, chocolate ice cream is still their favorite,” pronounced Harley Morlock of Nellie’s Sweet Shoppe in downtown Smithville. “For kids, it’s birthday cake ice cream.”

He pronounced summer is primary time for ice cream sales.

“We sell a lot of it during Hot Summer Nights (in August) and when they have other events in Courtyard Park,” he said.

Ice cream has been partial of Morlock’s life for many years.

“I remember when we used to make homemade ice cream,” he said. “All of a kids would spin a crank, though my uncle had to finish it when it got harder to turn.”

Now we can make ice cream but branch any cranks by regulating motorized ice cream freezers or a special connection for electric mixers. For those peaceful to take a possibility on an online recipe, there’s not need for even that equipment.

Homemade chocolate ice cream recipes are abundant on a internet, to contend a least. Helo National ( offers both a recipe and suggestions for celebrating National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. The same website credits Thomas Jefferson, a chocolate lover, with bringing solidified chocolate from Europe to a United States in a 1780s.

Morlock’s possess chocolate ice cream past concerned a bit of clowning around.

“When we started doing this, we wanted to have a two-dip cones,” he said. “The kids adore them. When they sequence one (with dual opposite flavors), I’ll ask them that side of a cone they’d like any season on.”

Morlock pronounced while a kids might demeanour puzzled, their relatives station behind them are smiling, meaningful he’s carrying a small fun with them.

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Saturday, Jun 4, 2016 12:00 am.

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