Chipotle has the best day in some-more than 4 years

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Chipotle soars after new CEO is announced

Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill rallied Wednesday, only one day after a association announced it was poaching Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol to take a layer as a new arch executive.

The burrito chain’s batch peaked some-more than 15 percent, shutting adult some-more than $38 per share during $289.91, only bashful of a best daily opening given Oct. 18, 2013 when it gained 16.1 percent.

Investors praised Chipotle’s hire, suggesting that a further of Niccol could be a pierce that finally triggers a plain turnaround for a company. Chipotle has struggled of late to win business behind after a series of food-safety issues trampled trade and sales.

While menu cost increases helped Chipotle in a fourth quarter, a association expects trade to continue to loiter during by a center of a year.

Diners eat during a Chipotle grill in Chicago.

As considerable as Chipotle’s gains on Wednesday are, a burrito sequence is not out of a woods. The association is still 16 percent off a Jan. 19 high of $345.88 and lags by 41.9 percent a 52-week high of $499.

The batch sealed Wednesday scarcely 62 percent off a all-time high of $758.49, that it posted on Aug. 5, 2015, only forward of a reports about a initial fibre of food-safety issues.

Investors are anticipating that Niccol can urge Chipotle’s picture and rise digital, smoothness and selling innovations during a restaurants, yet it could be a high ask.

“We trust a appointment of Brian Niccol as CEO is a step in a right instruction for Chipotle, yet we don’t design his employing will outcome in any element change in fundamentals until during slightest 2019,” BTIG researcher Peter Saleh wrote in a investigate note Wednesday.

Guggenheim researcher Matthew Difrisco confirmed his sell rating on a batch Wednesday, essay in a note to analysts that he doesn’t predict Chipotle branch a “180” on a stream plans.

Still, if Niccol’s lane record is any indicator of success, Chipotle could find itself behind during a tip of a container underneath his leadership.


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