Cherry Cola Won The ‘My Oreo Creation’ Contest, So This Woman Is Now $500K Richer

Oreo lovers rejoice, since a impulse you’ve been watchful for is finally here. After squeezing down a finalists from their #MyOreoCreation competition to 3 fan favorites in April, America’s Favorite Cookie has finally crowned a leader that’s going to give we vital nostalgia. That’s right, Cherry Cola won a “My Oreo Creation” Contest, and a leader is removing $500,000 for her ’80s-inspired flavor.

On Wednesday, Aug. 8, a spokewoman for Oreo reliable to Elite Daily that Cherry Cola Oreos had emerged as a victor, and I’m shook. The Cherry Cola flavor was a usually Oreo accumulation that kept a chocolate biscuit intact, and we have to acknowledge that we was rooting for it a whole time. Also, as someone who’s some-more a fan of a chocolate wafer than a tawny icing, we was vehement to see that a Cherry Cola Oreos had a fun turn on a OG filling. we tend to be an Oreo precisionist during heart, and a Cherry Cola Oreos kept a nostalgia entrance by stuffing a chocolate wafer with a reduction of Cherry Cola-infused frosting as good as cocktail rocks candy.

That, and a fact that we consider Piña Coladas — another season that was in a using — usually go in a frosted glass. Plus, kettle corn — a third competition season — is improved off in a film museum benefaction stand, in my opinion.


If anything, a Cherry Cola and Oreo multiple sounds intriguing, and apparently, a infancy of Oreo fans agree.

The cookies contingency have been flattering tasty too, since on Monday, Apr 30, Cherry Cola Oreos and a dual runner-ups, Kettle Corn Oreos and Piña Colada Oreos, debuted in grocery stores so that business could representation this year’s wafer experiments IRL, and them make their picks. Fans had until Jun 30 to vote once a day online to select a initial place winner. Cherry Cola Oreo creator, aka Eden Folwell of California, eventually took home a honor, as good as half of a million dollars.

“I started to consider about honeyed sodas and popsicles and uninformed fruit. All of those honeyed luscious flavors like orange, grape, lime, and cherry,” Folwell told Delish in an disdainful interview. Revealing that she’d also submitted a few other soda-inspired variations such as orange soda, she continued, “I was perplexing to constraint flavors that reminded me of happy summers when we was a child in a late ’70s and ’80s.” It looked like a nostalgia component finished adult profitable off, since Folwell is now $500,000 richer as a result.

If you’ve nonetheless to try a Cherry Cola Oreos (or any of a other runner-ups, for that matter), you’d improved act fast. Oreo told Elite Daily that a association is not formulation to extend their sale of a winning wafers as of now, nonetheless they spirit that “only time will tell” if these nostalgia-inducing treats make their approach behind to your grocery store during a after date. When determining either or not to re-release a new season permanently, Oreo told Elite Daily that they take into care “feedback from a fans, how it achieved in market, and how it fits within a portfolio of bland items,” so obsessively tweeting about your Oreo of choice competence indeed assistance we out here.

In a meantime, Oreo is constantly churning out sleeves of delectable new flavors (The Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and a Pistacho Thins are personal favorites, and they’re already partial of Oreo’s permanent line-up), so there’s no necessity of dunkable new wafers to keep we snacking until then.

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