Cheeseburger Week earnings to Pasadena in January

Pasadena’s week-long jubilee of a preference to supplement cheese to a hamburger starts Jan. 7 with special deals and menu equipment during 40 restaurants.

Some of a restaurants participating in a annual Cheeseburger Week also offer spins on a classical burger that aren’t routinely on a menu.

The eateries will go head-to-head for a Cheeseburger Challenge, where electorate arrange a best burgers in categories like best lunch burger, best white list cloth burger and best veggie cheeseburger.

The festivities, using Jan. 7 to Jan. 12, applaud Pasadena as a birth place of a complicated cheeseburger. It’s believed a initial instance of cheese being slapped on a burger was in 1924 during a highway side stand, The Rite Spot.

Originally meant to censor a burnt patty, a mistake became a renouned menu item.

Voting for a Cheeseburger Challenge starts on Jan. 7. For some-more information about Cheeseburger Week or to expel a vote, visit

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