Cheap cooking in Metro Vancouver: Best budget-friendly places to sup in 2019

December hits and runs with your hard-earned money and Jan clutches fearfully to what’s left. But no need to give adult a time-saving pleasure of eating out. There are lots of inexpensive places around and here are some of them. Check a sum online for hours and menus.



105 East Pender St. | 604-620-1175

If Japanese hotdogs don’t pierce we (sorry, Japadog), maybe German ones will? Currywurst? Or sausage and sauerkraut? A Leberkase Melt (meat-loaf burger). Join a hipsters for a downmarket though tasty meal.

Chewie’s Biscuit Company

2822 West Fourth Ave. | 604-336-9996

The biscuits are ideal and a fillings inside aren’t for Jan weight-watchers, though damn, they’re delish! So, too, are a Inside Out Cinnamon Roll and Bonut, both finished with biscuit dough.

Chewie’s Biscuit Company biscuit sandwich.

Mia Stainsby /


Chinatown BBQ

130 East Pender St. | 604-428-2626

I’m a large believer of this small bit of resurrected aged Chinatown. BBQ Pork, fry pork, soy-sauce chicken, melt-in-your-mouth curry beef brisket — oh my, my, my!

Barbecued steep during Chinatown BBQ.

Mia Stainsby /



566 Powell St. | 604-251-2020

My preset end for an always beguiling meal. Japanese homestyle food, mostly in a bowl, by a cook who’s been around.

Downlow Chicken Shack

905 Commercial Dr. | 604-283-1385

Hormone and antibiotic free, non-GMO, free-run birds finished adult Nashville style, in 4 heats. Double-dare we to try a additional hot. 

Federal Store

2601 Quebec St. | 778-379-2605

A selected dilemma store-turned cafeteria tighten to Main Street though a dispatch bustle. Buxom sandwiches, statuesque quiches, good baking.

Fish Counter

3825 Main St. | 604-876-3474

The fish jumps out of a water. Very fresh. Very sustainable. Very good as fish-and-chips, bouillabaisse or in sandwiches.

Harvest Community Foods

243 Union St. | 604-682-8851

A community-minded store and cafeteria that’s prolonged been during a forefront of tolerable eating. Known for a ramen and udon — Jan food!


530 Robson St. | 604-569-1158


The bricks and trebuchet messenger to a food carts around town. Hotdogs ooze with Japanese-flavours like nori, grated radish, bonito flakes and miso sauce, and a fries have sprinkles of Japan, too.

Jinya Ramen Bar

541 Robson St. 2129 | West 41st Avenue

Great broth, good noodles make for slurp-worthy ramen. Take a late, good Jonathan Gold’s word for it on visiting a Los Angeles plcae — essence bomb, he called it.


182 Keefer St. | 1074 Davie St.

Info: 604-336-5853 (for takeout ordering).

Fried chicken, rotisserie steep and an interloper, nuoc cham pig ribs. Eat in, collect adult or Door Dash and Foodora.


611 Gore Ave. | 604-428-6599

2028 Vine St. | 604-428-5017

Everything’s in a play and vegan. A good accumulation with curry, laksa, internal dishes over brownish-red rice. 

Marché St. George

4393 St. George St. | 604-565-5107

Throwback to early Vancouver dilemma stores while breakfasting or lunching on delectable croissants, quiche and native baking. Charming!

Mogu Japanese Street Eats 

Howe and Dunsmuir | No phone


A food lorry stationed during Howe and Dunsmuir. The honeyed sharp steep karaage is what we contingency order. Check a food lorry App before streamer out:


Ferry dock, Granville Island | No phone

Pay $99 for a seafood tray or be spare and hang with a sandwiches and burger for a bill lunch, like a $12 for a grass-fed beef cheeseburger. If we value quality, you’ve got it. Run by 4 of Vancouver’s tip chefs.

Torafuku Pop Up 

958 Main St. | 778-903-2006

Le Tigre awakens. The food lorry that served awesomeness like Kickass Rice and Finger Lickin’ Chicken has left to lorry hospital, though a food can be had during a day-time cocktail adult during a company’s section and trebuchet premises, Tuesday to Friday.

Usagi Sweets

3720 Oak St. | 604-700-7251

Memorize a Japanese word kawai. It means lovable and relates to so most in Japanese culture. Usagi Sweets is kawai, from a lovable six-seat room to a one-meal offering, a rice-ball set lunch. Kawai Japanese-flavour-infused baking for a finish. 

Virtuous Pie

583 Main St. | 604-620-0060

3339 Shrum Lane, UBC | 604-428-1060

Lives adult to a name. Virtuously plant-based pizzas and ice creams. Nut cheeses tip a pizzas. Popular adequate to enhance to Victoria, Portland, Ore., and Toronto.

The Burbs:

Apna Chaat House 

7500-120th St., Surrey | 604-502-8081

Colourful, greatly busy, Bombay travel food. (There’s Chinese dishes too, though because would you?) Golgappas are a large thing here (hollow boiled rounds to eat with flowing chutneys), though so most some-more — kathi rolls, papdi chaat, vada pav.

HK BBQ Master

145-4651 No. 3 Rd., Richmond | 604-272-6568

Best Hong Kong-style BBQ (duck, pork, chicken) in Metro Vancouver. So most flavour, beef and value. 

Jinya Ramen Bar

4575 Central Blvd., Burnaby


(A chain. See Vancouver list.)

Longtail Kitchen

116-810 Quayside Dr., New Westminster | 604-553-3855

One of Angus An’s family of restaurants. The fast-food-style Asian food is bold, easily offset and unique, like a garlic-salted steep yolk butter prawns.

A Two Rivers burger.

Mia Stainsby /


Two Rivers Specialty Meats

180 Donaghy Ave., North Vancouver | 604-990-5288

Supplies beef to some of a best restaurants in town. Their burger baked on a wood-fire griddle and fries, baked in beef tallow, is glorious and a kids will like a widen hotdog.

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