Chamber recognizes San Juan Bautista ice cream shop

Margot Tankersley has been offered candy during her business, Margot’s Ice Cream Parlor in San Juan Bautista, for 21 years. This year, Margot’s parlor has been comparison as one of three Chamber of Commerce “Businesses of a Year”.

The Hollister local was a singular mom when she purchased a emporium from a prior owner. She had usually finished esthetician propagandize in Salinas and started her possess esthetician business when a shop, during 211 3rd St., became available.

Originally, when she was usually starting out, she had been looking for a place to sell her handmade candies, Kayla’s Candies, named after her daughter. Tankersly had changed behind to Hollister from Nevada and was looking for ways to settle herself.

“I had everybody (at her esthetician school) bending on truffles,” Tankersley said.

With assistance from her mom Naomi Medina, who ran an in-home daycare center, and her daughter, Kayla, who ran a money register during age 8, a business was off and running.

Margo’s initial started offered Dreyer’s Ice Cream along with Kayla’s Candies. But about a year into a business, she was approached by a salesman from Lappert’s Ice Cream. Tankersley concluded to sell Lappert’s exclusively and it was a felicitous decision.

Lappert’s was founded by a late Walter Lappert in Sausalito in 1983. He motionless to pierce a association to Kaui, Hawaii, his favorite place in a world. The ice cream is famous for a creamy, handmade-like quality.

Tankersley and daughter Kayla, now 29 and vital in Oregon, went to Kaui and met Walter Lappert. Lappert told her to speak to his son Michael Lappert, who runs Lappert’s mainland operation in Richmond. She and Michael Lappert worked out an arrangement to put her candy season in a Lappert’s ice cream.

“I took almond butter break and grown Kayla’s Almond Crunch ice cream,” she said. “Other flavors, they tweek them for us,” Tankersley said.

For instance, a store had a lot of ice cream with chocolate in it. So Lappert’s leaves out a chocolate chips in Big Cherry Cordial for a shop. The association also leaves out a membrane pieces and pecans of a pumpkin cake season during Tankersley’s request.

“When we don’t like a certain thing in a season we usually ask that they leave it out. … We would rather not have it.”

Margot’s also sells Lappert’s coffee and espresso.

The emporium sells 7 flavors of chocolate truffles, including divert chocolate and dim chocolate apricot. There are Oreo cookies dipped in chocolate as good as chocolate-dipped graham crackers and dipped and sprinkled marshmallows.

“A lot of people don’t know we make candy after all these years,” Tankersley said.

“I try to make candy as healthy as probable …,” she said. “You’ve got to supplement a small benevolence to your day.”

Tankersley had to step adult her diversion when her retailer of solidified chocolate bananas disappeared. She rolled adult her sleeves and schooled to make them herself. She also creates specialty items, such as chocolate created lollipops. One special sequence enclosed chocolate lollipops in a figure of competition cars.

“It’s fun to kind of change it adult a small bit …,” she said. “We do make things up. we get wearied sometimes.”

She grown a Margot’s coffee granita with ice cream and espresso and a Hawaiian granita.

Specialty boxes for candies are accessible for special occasions, such as wedding, showers, conform shows, even funerals.

Margot’s strike a flattering large strike in a highway in 2011 when a building in that it operates was red tagged by a city of San Juan Bautista. It incited out it had no foundation. In Nov of that year a emporium was close down while a substructure was added. It didn’t free until Apr of 2012.

In a meantime, her other daughter, Laurie Tankersley, 14, sole Girl Scout Cookies outward a business. That however, didn’t lessen a shop’s customers, now entirely bending on Margot’s treats.

“People kept looking in a windows,” Tankersley said. “They kept asking, ‘Are we open yet?’ ”

Schoolchildren on margin trips to Mission San Juan Bautista were disappointed, too. They customarily stopped during a emporium for treats afterward.

Margo’s is not usually famous for a sweets. It also has a repute as a place where we can buy homemade pozole soup, that Tankersley’s mom creates and sells every Sunday. Pozole, that meant “hominy” in Spanish, is a normal soup or meal from Mexico.

Besides handling a ice cream parlor, Tankersley has her possess skincare business, underneath her possess name.

“I adore holistic and healthy ways,” she said. “My family calls me a magician alloy since we usually adore essential oils and holistic stuff.”

She also believes in giving back. Margot’s and a employees support many village groups, including El Theatro Campesino, San Benito Council for a Handicapped and Saint Jude’s.

The cover awards will be presented Jan. 27 during a dinner-dance during San Juan Oaks in Hollister. Intero Real Estate Services and Galaxy Self Storage will also be famous in the Businesses of a Year category. 

This is the first time Margo’s has perceived a Chamber of Commerce honor. 

“I was so surprised,” Tankersley said. “Oh my gosh, and flattered, too. It’s an respect to be recognized. … We try to do for a village when we can.”


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