Celebrating National Pizza Party Day during LaMotta’s in Fort Myers – Fox 4

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Few locally owned pizza places in Southwest Florida can exaggerate offered about a half million pizzas. Even fewer can contend they’ve been around given 1979.

And to be honest, pizza is not even a tip seller on a menu during LaMotta’s Italian Restaurant. But it was one of your tip choices, when Fox 4 Morning News did it’s Taste and See Southwest Florida check of tip pizza places.

Friday is #NationalPizzaPartyDay, so we went to LaMotta’s for a slice.

Chef Carmelo LaMotta says entrance into his grill on San Carlos Blvd, is like going to his grandmother’s residence on a Sunday, when he was a child in New York.

“As shortly as we open a door, you’re possibly going to accommodate me during a door, my mom, or my dad,” LaMotta says.  

“A lot of us grew adult on Sunday nights, we’d be during grandmother’s house, sitting during a turn table. 15 or 20 people, aunts, uncles, cousins, and whatever a grandmother, moms, aunts made, that’s what we all ate together.”

“We give a hearts out to a business to make them feel like they are during home with us.”

The character of pizza here is “old school.” Chef Carmelo says he can do trendy, though his business wish normal New York character pizza, a kind of pizza they can overlay adult and eat, while douse slides down their arm.

“New York character is a series one character of pizza in Florida,” LaMotta says. “You’ve got Chicago character pizza, you’ve got some other styles of pizza, though New York character is series one here.”

They competence as good call it ‘American Style.’ The LaMottas make their mix in house, they use New Jersey tomatoes for their sauce, and get their cheese from Wisconsin.

“New york character pizza is New York character pizza. It depends on what we put into it, what we supplement into it, what toppings we put on to it. That’s what creates [us] opposite from other pizzerias.”

That, and all a story here.

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