Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A $500 Ice Cream Bath

A chocolate massage during a Ritz Carlton.

You gotta adore American overindulgence, and a country’s clever faith in apportion over quality.

That’s a usually approach to explain a JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort Spa’s “Eat Your Heart Out” room package for Valentine’s Day. For $1,800, room use will broach a 30-pound chocolate sculpture with dim chocolate truffles lined with succulent bullion flakes as good as your standard chocolate-covered almonds, pastries, wine, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. The package also includes blasé amenities like a epicurean cruise basket and a prohibited chocolate mill massage, yet when you’re perplexing to nibble down a final 5 pounds of that large sculpture a la Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids, zero else can unequivocally compare.

Except, we guess, a hotel’s other offering. The “DoNut Disturb” package starts during $219 and includes a 10-pound Tahitian vanilla donut lonesome in pinkish topping and special sprinkles (no succulent bullion though, harumph).

A 10-pound donut: How romantic!

If that’s not your style, go for the Los Angeles Ritz-Carlton Spa’s “For a Love of Ice Cream” special called “Love Floats”: $500 buys we a possibility to transmogrify from tellurian to ice cream sundae! It starts with a vanilla soak and chocolate physique mask, including a “sprinkling” (get it?) of 24K bullion shimmer.

Mmm, chocolate widespread all over your body

As we turn ice cream, we can indulge in some cannibalism in a form of an ice cream sundae with a common suspects (ice cream, caramels, Luxardo cherries) as good as succulent 24K bullion bark. But eat quickly, since a whole knowledge usually lasts 20 minutes.

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