The Chinese New Year 2017 is a year of a Fire Rooster distinguished on Saturday, Jan 28. If a chairman was innate underneath this many portentous sign, they could be characterized as charismatic, though also courtesy seeking, self-important about personal accomplishments and seeking a courtesy and capitulation of others. we consternation if this is an feeling of a arriving year in US politics. You can pull a tie if we want, though for now, let’s stay on a “sweet” subject of Chinese parades and bakeries. 


The New Year’s festivities continue into this weekend with a Golden Dragon Parade during a Central Plaza in Chinatown on Saturday, Feb 4 along Broadway Street. It is a 118th annual Chinatown tradition bringing many activities to a theatre including marching bands, normal music, kung fu demos, ping pong action, face-painting, story-telling, paper-folding, with a categorical attraction, a hulk golden dragon float. An Angeleno must-do, notwithstanding a vast crowds. A recommendation is to take a Metro sight to a Chinatown hire as parking will be challenging. 


While in Chinatown and on a march route, check out a Phoenix Bakery. It has been a tack on Broadway and Bamboo Streets for a past 8o years founded in 1938 by Fung Chow Chan and his mother Wai Hing. They bake many normal Chinese pastries, though famous for their intensely renouned strawberry shortcake. The recipe is really elementary regulating uninformed mixture like red developed strawberries, feathery churned cream, yellow consume cake with toasted almond shavings sprinkled on a sides. An “East meets West” thing, that appeals to everyone, not too honeyed and really delicious. 

The cake usually comes double-layered, in 16 opposite sizes. Here is an thought of their turn cakes sizes, prices and portions:

4” turn for $9.99 (serving 2-4)

6” turn for $16.95 (serving 4-6)

7” turn for $22.95 (serving 6-9)

8” turn for $29.95 (serving 8-10)

9” turn for $35.95 (serving 10-15)

10” turn for $41.95 (serving 18-20) 

When systematic in advance, a classical can be done with variations in a churned cream covering by adding peaches, pineapples, bananas, vanilla custard, and chocolate. The cakes can be systematic in other sizes, as a 12” square, and piece cakes: 1/8, 1/6, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and as a full piece (18” x 24”). The full piece sells for $172 and serves 100 people. It is even probable to get as a multi-tiered marriage cake on columns and flashy with sugarine flowers. 

Since a early years, a strawberry shortcake has turn a Phoenix’s signature product. There was a time in a seventies when they would sell over 1,000 cakes on a given Saturday with prolonged lines of people circuitous around a block. Today they continue to sell several hundred cakes on any weekend. 

In further to a strawberry shortcake, a Phoenix also has juicy almond cookies, baked daily, flakey, light and yummy, offered a dozen for $3.25. we really most suggest perplexing them. There are other honeyed delights such as sugarine butterflies, that are boiled wontons dipped in honey, sesame balls, moon pies pressed with winter melon, red bean and Chinese lotus, offered for $1.75 each, and fruit blossoms in pineapple, apple, guava cheese, blueberry and cherry offered for $1.50. 

There are a few tasty equipment on a menu, in box we need to squeeze lunch or a snack. The bbq pig buns and prohibited dog buns are a good understanding for $1.35 each, served warm, soft, doughy, and delicious. 

The use is good too. The intensely studious lady who helped me was accustomed to carrying first-time visitors seeking a million questions that we did. 

Hopefully, we make it to a march this Saturday, celebrating a New Year with a fad of a fantastic golden dragon boyant and tasting a specialties during a Phoenix Bakery. You will save yourself some “dough” and make your stomach really happy.

Confucius says: Be clever of burning roosters wanting a spotlight. They might be really charming, though not to be trusted. 





Golden Dragon New Year’s Parade

Chinatown, Feb 4, 2017, 1-3 pm

Starting during Hill and Ord Streets – Ending during Broadway and Cesar Chavez Streets

Phoenix Bakery

969N. Broadway Street

Los Angeles, CA   90012

(213) 628-4642

Hours: 9 am – 8:00 pm, 7 days
www.phoenix bakeryinc.com

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