Campers try American lady history

Equal rights for girls, saving a sourroundings and vital as a child of divorce are all things that were new and argumentative in a decade when American Girl impression Julie Albright lived.

All those topics and some-more were explored during one of a 5 days of American Girl Doll stay during a Hastings Museum on Thursday.

American Girl dolls are a array of characters issues given a mid-1980s by a array of books and dolls with stories set in opposite time durations via history. The dolls and their many accessories have spin a renouned enterprise among immature girls.

Each day of a week, a girls schooled about and gifted some of a lives of their favorite dolls including child of a 1970s Julie.

“She likes to play basketball and her crony is Ivy,” Zoey Bumgardner said.

“And her relatives are divorced,” combined Audrey Zeilig.

“Which was a large understanding behind then,” pronounced Russanne Hoff, a museum’s curator of education. “Not a lot of people were divorced behind then. It was only apropos some-more of a normal behind then.”

The impression was jaunty and enjoyed personification basketball though this was in a time before Title IX, that compulsory equal sports in schools for boys and girls. So Julie petitioned to play and a boys basketball group and was improved even than some of her masculine teammates.


Chloe Patterson, 8, of Hastings, looks during Isabelle, her American Girl doll while formulating a cocktail art print Thursday during Hastings Museum. Laura Beahm 06-14-18

In experiencing a 1970s, a girls got a possibility to try chocolate fondue, something that became intensely renouned during that time.

Most of a girls didn’t know what fondue was so camper Brinleigh Blecha common what she knew.

“You have these collection that we use and we put food on it,” she said. “You see what a food is and we use a collection to collect it adult and put it in a chocolate and we can eat it.”

Hoff explained that fondue started with a normal cheese fondue in France and Switzerland in a 1800s when people were perplexing to find other ways to use their cheese when it would start to age, spin soothing and moldy.

“They found out it was unequivocally tasty so they would have fondue in a winter,” she said. “It became this inhabitant thing. The Americans came adult with a thought of chocolate fondue, appreciate goodness.”

The girls got a event to drop marshmallows, pineapple, strawberries, and pretzels in chocolate fondue.

They also attempted their palm during cocktail art that was popularized in a 1970s with a work of artists like Andy Warhol with his Campbell’s soup cans and Marilyn Monroe paintings.

Hoff gave a girls American Girl doll stickers, magazines and H2O tone colored pencils to make their possess cocktail art pieces.

“I picked Molly. She was during 1944 that is toward a finish of World War II,” pronounced Lyla Adam. “She did a lot of things to assistance a fight bid like creation blankets and collecting award for airplanes.”


Zoey Bumgardner, 8, of Omaha, brushes her doll Julie’s hair during American Girl Fun Thursday during Hastings Museum.

Her print enclosed dual stickers of Molly along with a WWII pitch crossed out, a design of Adolf Hitler and caring packages for troops.

Lyla has a Truly Me American Girl doll and pronounced her doll is her companion.

“I consider they can be your friend,” she said. “Sometimes people only need somebody to speak to and maybe we can’t speak to a genuine chairman so we can speak to your American Girl doll means they’re flattering most like a genuine person.”

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