BuzzFeed Teams Up With Ben & Jerry’s to Promote Vegan Ice Cream

Digital media association BuzzFeed is about to hang adult a first-ever weeklong sponsorship understanding with general ice cream code Ben Jerry’s. Starting on a initial day of a month, a site promoted a brand’s nondairy flavors in respect of World Vegan Day.

According to a media giant’s debate manager Ailbhe Malone, Ben Jerry’s wanted to emanate a hum around a nondairy offerings, of that there are nine, including plant-based versions of Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Buzzfeed has a high success rate with joining and enchanting readers with vegan content. Earlier this month, a site pennyless a news of Waitrose Food repository editor Thomas Sitwell’s comments on “killing vegans.” The recoil was significant, and Sitwell resigned as a consequence.

To foster vegan Ben Jerry’s, a media association combined badges on quizzes and videos and ran pre-roll video promos on Twitter opposite BuzzFeed content.



Happy #WorldVeganDay! We’re celebrating with these Coconut Seven Layer Bar Cupcakes, that are for-real heaven. Get a full recipe during a couple in a bio!

A post common by Ben Jerry’s (@benandjerrys) on Nov 1, 2018 during 7:01am PDT


The new weeklong sponsorship packages – that embody articles and videos – will be sole off a behind of this indication and will concede BuzzFeed and a code partners to emanate “meaningful impact” with content, Malone explained to The Drum.

Senior clamp boss of strategy, Brant McLean, added, “We motionless to rise [the Ben Jerry’s package] into a vegan-themed week that allows us to do a deeper dive into a subject and yield a resources of articles and videos.” He continued, “We are charity brands a event to possess suggestive conversations around applicable topics and will continue to brand some-more white space.”

Across a UK, some-more and some-more immature people are selecting to embankment beef or revoke their expenditure of animal products considerably. BuzzFeed’s choice of vegan ice cream for a initial sponsorship package reflects this demand, as a calm is really most driven by a readers. McLean remarkable that all of a site’s content “represents” a audience.

Image Credit: Ben Jerry’s

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