Burrito-loving ‘hero’ sets record for eating during Chipotle 430 days in a row

Forget fighting villains: Bruce Wayne of Tiffin, Ohio — not to be confused with Bruce Wayne of Gotham City — has improved things to do than destroy than a Joker. In 2016, Wayne set his sights on abrasive a prior record of 425 uninterrupted days of dishes eaten during a quick infrequent sequence Chipotle. And he finally claimed feat on Dec. 30.

Wayne (yes, that’s his genuine name) told TODAY Food that his celebratory sequence was a beef quesarito. “I consider they packaged a small additional in,” he said. “What we ate that day could have fed a family of four.”

Chipotle Mexican Grill

To respect Wayne’s achievement, Chipotle employees and a organisation of friends collected during Wayne’s “second home” in a Tiffin Chipotle and presented him with a custom-made Chipotle superhero garment and cufflinks.

“To contend that day was noted would be an understatement,” Wayne told TODAY Food. “My heart is SO full,” Wayne posted on Instagram, where he’s been chronicling his efforts. Fans responded, job him a “hero,” a “legend” and “inspirational.” Chipotle also affianced to present a volume Wayne has spent during a grill over a past year to a gift of his choice. Wayne choice FACT, an Ohio-based nonprofit that provides financial assistance to people diagnosed with cancer.

My heart is SO full from today’s events! @chipotlemexicangrill Thank we for #FoodWithIntegrity Everyone during a Tiffin store is a category act, they done this day something to delight for a prolonged time!!! #ChipotleLife #BruceWayneIsTheChipotleAmbassador 😎

A post common by Bruce Wayne (@mrwaynethebat) on Dec 30, 2017 during 9:39am PST

Wayne began his query on Oct. 31, 2016, with a $3 Steak Boorito play (an annual graduation for Halloween). He posted on Instagram “And so it begins.”

And so it begins….. #Day1 #426 #ChipotleLife #AimingFor425

A post common by Bruce Wayne (@mrwaynethebat) on Oct 31, 2016 during 2:37pm PDT

He was primarily aiming for 426 days to kick a prior record of 425 days, hold by Devin Cunningham of Bellevue, Washington. Wayne told TODAY he came opposite Cunningham’s story after researching “healthier choices in dining out” and looking for some arrange of plea he could do involving Chipotle.

Keeping a strain going compulsory a small planning, however. As another prior Chipotle-record holder, Andrew Hawryruck, told TODAY in 2015, it can be “nerve-wracking” to report all those Chipotle visits.

“Before we we even go out of town, we know where a nearest Chipotle is,” Wayne told TODAY Food. And given Chipotle was sealed for Christmas, he bought an additional play a day before to take home. Though that’s zero compared to a hurdles presented to Cunningham, who once had to expostulate to Canada to save dual week’s value of Chipotle burritos to continue his streak.

#Day420 Having an extraordinary day off! ❤️ And, we wish wherever we are, you’re carrying a good day too! ❤️ Looking brazen to Friday and, each day after. ❤️ #ChipotleLife #ChristmasEveAtChipotle #ChristmasEve #Thankful #ItReallyIsAWonderfulLife #ImBatman #IDontSmell #IllGetThatJoker #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork #BruceWayneIsTheChipotleAmbassador 😎

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But was there ever a day when Wayne only didn’t wish to eat food from Chipotle? “Not a singular day,” he told TODAY. (Pro tip: One of his secrets is pouring Chipotle’s vinaigrette on only about all he orders. “It’s a season home run.”)

So are there any tough feelings among a Chipotle-eating titans of a world? Cunningham’s greeting to carrying his record damaged was pristine class. “He gave me a shoutout on Instagram and he got Chipotle to celebrate,” Wayne told TODAY Food.

Congratulations to @mrwaynethebat for restraining my record currently for 425 days of chipotle and for violence it tomorrow! Had to get chipotle to applaud 🎉 – – – – – – #NPC#bodybuilding#getfit#livefit#delts#aethetics#chipotle#iifym#fit#fitness#fitspo#fitspiration#inspiration#inspire#fitfam#abs#motivation#burritobod#dedicated#fitnessmodel#physique#lululemon#usc#ifbb#pnw#biceps#physiquemodel

A post common by Devin Cunningham (@devintyler_) on Dec 29, 2017 during 12:49pm PST

Although he’s now a reigning Chipotle champ, Wayne says he’s “not close” to finale his streak. He pronounced that he has a series of days in mind he’d like to reach, though admitted, “Truthfully, we give anyone who asks a opposite number.” He’s still enjoying a plea and is anticipating it can somehow interpret into some-more donations to charity. And while he jokes that it’s been awhile given he’s had a six-pack like Devon Cunningham, he claims he’s stayed healthy on a Chipotle diet. “I am happy with my weight,” he told TODAY. “I am happy in general.”

So that only leaves one doubt for Bruce Wayne: Who would play him in a movie? “Affleck is my Batman,” he says. You listened it here first!

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