Burrito Hero Named Bruce Wayne Eats during Chipotle 426 Days in a Row

A Tiffin, Ohio proprietor named Bruce Wayne only set a new record for uninterrupted days eating Chipotle. He’s eaten during slightest one snack per day for a final 426 days, mostly during one location. To put how bizarre this knowledge contingency have been in perspective, behold a ever-growing tide of near-identical cinema of burritos and bowls and profits that is his Instagram. Incidentally, Bruce Wayne dresses adult as Batman in his giveaway time. Really.

To commemorate this accomplishment, Chipotle bestowed a custom Chipotle garment and cufflinks on Wayne and will reinvest a income he’s spent over a march of a plea toward a gift of his choosing.

“While this competence not be everybody’s New Year’s Resolution for 2018,” Chipotle’s communications executive Chris Arnold, righteously observed, “it positively shows that the menu of genuine and uninformed mixture offers something for everybody — even superheroes.”

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