Burrito Hero Bruce Wayne Finally Done After Eating Chipotle 500 Days Straight

When he reached a 426-day milestone, Chipotle concluded to present all a income Wayne spent during a grill to a gift of his choosing. Chipotle has given affianced a $4,260 concession to a cancer investigate group, in respect of a normal $10 responsibility he paid during any visit. 

Wayne embarked on his tour on Oct 30, 2016, a same day that Chipotle announced it was opening a store in his hometown of Tiffrin, Ohio. Mr. Wayne found a approach to belong to his diet by Chipotle, and motionless to turn a company’s unaccepted mascot by violence a prior record of 425 true days eating during a chain. 

Free to pursue other avenues to gastronomic glory, Mr. Wayne can now take his bat-suit to another authorization restaurant, or maybe a internal mall. 

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