Burger King’s ‘scary’ Halloween splash is giving business a trepidation — in a bathroom

While some of a rivals seem to be cleaning adult a menus by getting absolved of additives, Burger King seems firm and dynamic to disaster with your bowels.

As if a black bun on a Whopper than incited consumer’s poop into something coloured a tone of immature muck wasn’t sum adequate 3 Halloween seasons ago, here comes a new Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry slushie.

According to Women’s Health, news reports and adequate Twitter posts to dismay even Michael Myers of “Halloween” fame, BK’s new, limited-time provide is apparently branch people’s poop kaleidoscopic in hues of black, immature or a shade of a bruise.

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Burger King’s ad for a new splash does say, “Give in to your dim side.” But that hasn’t stopped people from fretting or joking on amicable media sites about a post dish reveal.

“Never again will we splash a @BurgerKing Black Cherry Slushie before a date,” review one Twitter post Thursday.

If you’re disturbed that your mouth or, we know, that other thing is a blackish tone we should be OK if it’s a outcome of downing one of these things. The means is a food coloring interacts with your body’s normal digestive fluids and a additives are within excusable boundary according to a Food and Drug Administration.

So don’t worry about it. Have a giggle and pierce on.

But if we haven’t had a Scary Black Cherry and still see black stools demeanour for other reasons. Medline Plus says iron supplements can lead to blackish stools. But if they are accompanied by streaks of red or pain or other abnormalities, deliberate your doctor.

The Scary Black Cherry splash is accessible until Nov. 12, according to MSN Lifestyle.

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