Burger King Just Did Something Amazing Purely to Help McDonald’s (or Did It?)

Absurdly Driven looks during a universe of business with a doubtful eye and a resolutely secure tongue in cheek. 

It was a day like any other.

Customers streamed into Burger King and asked for a Whopper.

Except this wasn’t a day like any other, since Burger King’s staff told their business that, on this sold day, they weren’t offered Whoppers.

Some business were angry. Some even used intensely flame-grilled words. 

What on earth was going on?

This was Nov 10 in Argentina. McDonald’s had designated this day as McHappy Day. 

On McHappy Day, all a income done from offered Big Macs was given to kids pang from cancer.

So in each one of a 107 Burger Kings in Argentina, staff were educated not to sell Whoppers and to approach business to their nearest McDonald’s in sequence to buy a Big Mac.

It felt so idealistic and many were clearly impressed.

Burger King was, though, walking an intensely skinny line here.

By creation a video of a apparent good-heartedness, it was clearly perplexing to pat itself on a blurb back.

In a video, we competence notice one Burger King worker make a adverse criticism about McDonald’s: “The place where they don’t flame-grill their burgers.”

Moreover, a steer of Burger King’s King impression going to McDonald’s to buy a Big Mac smacked of, well, marketing.

Clever marketing, we competence think. But marketing, all a same.

Burger King could have simply done a concession of a possess to a good cause. It competence have motionless to give all a increase from Whopper sales to a same charities as McDonald’s.

Instead, some competence interpretation that it piggybacked some-more sincerely on McDonald’s day.

This isn’t a initial time that Burger King has attempted to rivet with a incomparable rival.

A integrate of years ago in New Zealand, Burger King suggested that it and McDonald’s share a Peace Day and jointly emanate a McWhopper.

At first, McDonald’s wasn’t moved. And then, it still wasn’t moved, though combined a possess debate to assistance refugees. 

Who benefited most? Well, Burger King enjoyed worldwide publicity.

It also won a lot of awards from a promotion attention for a idea.

Some good deeds are only that. Others, well, there’s a gray area.

Especially when there’s selling involved.

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