Burger King Is Serving a Doughnut Whopper for National Doughnut Day

It’s a gimmick to finish all gimmicks: a doughnut Whopper to commemorate National Doughnut Day. Great dispatch out there, Burger King.

On Jun 1, a.k.a. National Doughnut Day, Burger King will sell these hollowed out burgers during 5 locations. (The 5 stores are in Boston, Miami Beach, Los Angeles, New York City, and Salt Lake City.) The “Whopper Donut,” as they’ve deftly named it, is served with a possess innards on a side, so you’re not removing cheated out of a “donut hole.” Make certain we snap a stellar print of a Whopper Donut alongside a mini Whopper slider, since there’s literally no other reason to sequence something this unnatural.

If we wish a correct doughnut Friday—one boiled and lonesome in lustrous sugar—a garland of bondage are giving them out for free. At Dunkin’, we get a giveaway doughnut with a squeeze of any drink, for example. Krispy Kreme is handing them out to anyone who walks in a door, no squeeze necessary. Enjoy.

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