Burger King is covering Chicken Fries in Cheetos dust


 (Burger King)

Burger King’s menu is about to get even cheesier. 

On Wednesday, a quick food sequence will betray a latest snack-infused mashup: Cheetos Chicken Fries. The fries are done with all white beef chicken, lonesome in a flavored breading that includes dejected adult Cheetos. According to a nourishment information, one sequence is 280 calories. 

But it’s not a initial time Burger King has attempted to make a dishes “dangerously cheesy.” In June, the grill expelled Mac n’ Cheetos offering— a deep-fried gob of macaroni and cheese, pulpy it into an extra-large Cheeto-finger shape, lonesome in crumbled Cheetos. And a lot of people really, unequivocally favourite them. 

It’s also not a initial time a grill has played around with a cult-favorite duck snack. They’ve also offering Buffalo Chicken Fries, Fiery Chicken Fries and Jalapeno Chicken grill options.

But is a Whopper sequence holding a mashups too far? The sequence only denounced its new “Whopperito,” a Tex-Mex turn on a restaurant’s famous flame-grilled burgers. The burger-burrito alloy combines seasoned belligerent beef with tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles all wrapped together in a flour tortilla. People seem to like it though does all need to be a hybrid food?

Perhaps a Whopper sequence is following in footsteps of Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos success and simply personification around with several iterations of food stuffs it already has in a pantry. 

Original duck fries initial showed adult on Burger King’s menu in 2005 though were taken off a menu after low sales. They were afterwards reintroduced as a limited-time offer in 2014. An boost in sales and altogether demand, however, led a sequence to supplement a object behind permanently.

Cheetos Chicken Fries will sell for $2.89 for a nine-piece order. 

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