Burger Friday: Reimagined dive bar fries adult stunner of no-frills …

The burger: After a few weeks divided – frankly, we hadn’t encountered a burger that was value essay about – I’m happy to news that Burger Friday is behind in business, and all dismissed up.

That’s since we lucked into a opposite during Bull’s Horn Food Drink final night, and got a moment during cook Doug Flicker’s crazy-good Bull’s Horn Burger, an uncomplicated, old-school chronicle that’s firm to beget some critical gibberish adult and down Burger Nation.

To me, it recalls a many winning attributes of a fast-food burgers of my 1970s childhood: a buttered-up bun, a skinny though rather huge patty, crunchy iceberg lettuce, tainted and slimey American cheese and a rich, flavor-boosted mayonnaise. Oh, and copiousness of vinegary pickles.

The patty is a core of this burger’s universe. It’s as elementary as elementary can be – and grilled to a uniform medium/medium-well, with positively no traces of pinkish remaining — and it’s terrific.

“I usually got ill of all a chef-ey burgers out there,” pronounced Flicker. “You know, where you’ve got to buy 4 conflicting muscles, and heal it, and whip butter into it.”

Flicker went in a conflicting direction, though he didn’t army on quality. The grass-fed beef hails from Peterson Craftsman Meats. “It’s their slightest costly blend,” pronounced Flicker. “But for us a deteriorate is positively perfect. It’s not like a Parlour burger, where it’s so beefy, that of march is unequivocally delicious, though it can be overwhelming, too. we was sharpened for a balance. It all kind of comes down to proportions. A good hamburger is a multiple of everything, it’s not usually a meat. The patty shouldn’t be too thick, so when we take a punch it all blends together: a beef, a bun, a cheese, a lettuce and a sauce. It’s about harmony.”

Of march it helps that this is an unusually far-reaching patty, definition that a limit volume of beef comes into hit with a grill’s heat, unlocking all kinds of tasty deteriorate molecules.

The bun is spectacular, a milk-enriched regulation from Saint Agnes Baking Co. “The hardness is perfect,” pronounced Flicker, an regard with that we wholeheartedly concur. “It’s soft, and it collapses ideally around a patty.” It helps that both a bulb and outsides get a appropriate of butter and a toast on a grill, warming and browning and adding another hardness component.

The remaining elements are selected with that formerly mentioned peace in mind. Cheese is reasonably plentiful, as is a chopped iceberg that’s slipped underneath a patty. The salsa is true out of a bar burger’s manifesto, a brew of mayo, ketchup, plight extract and paprika.

Bull’s Horn has usually been open for a month, and this burger has already emerged as a menu’s top-seller. “By far,” pronounced Flicker. From a burger lover’s standpoint, this most is clear: some-more top-flight chefs need to be shopping dive bars.

Price: $8, a understanding that that lands precisely in Black Friday territory. Cheese is an additional 50 cents, bacon is an additional $1.

Fries: Extra ($2), and not to be missed, in partial because, once again, they dress tighten to my memory of a ideal McDonald’s French grill of long-ago adolescence: slim, golden, crispy and piping hot, with usually a right volume of salt. They’re a solidified product that gets a peep in a fryer, and that by-pass is A-OK with Flicker. “I hatred to dog myself, though chefs spend so most time perfecting things that don’t need to be perfected,” he said. “There’s zero worse than a bad homemade French fry. A solidified shoestring French grill that’s boiled scrupulously is a ideal French fry.” A basket chronicle is $6.50.

Happy holidays: Be certain to dump in before Christmas, since Flicker and his mother and business partner Amy Greeley have flashy a place for a season. “It’s a Dollar Store Christmas,” pronounced Greeley with a laugh. we was quite taken with a vast cosmetic versions of a Holy Family, that are passed ringers for a vast reproduction stage that a neighbors pulled out of storage each Dec when we was perplexing to tarry youth high school. “Our partner manager loves Christmas,” pronounced Flicker. “She found it on Craigslist. It was 5 bucks, nonetheless she had to expostulate to Buffalo to get it.”

Meanwhile, using a dipped-in-nostalgia dilemma bar (yes, there’s a pulltabs counter) is proof to be light years divided from Flicker’s final gig during Piccolo. After devoting 8 shining years to redefining excellent dining, he’s reveling in a deeply infrequent aspect of Bull’s Horn. “I can’t explain how good it is,” he said. “It’s extraordinary to be in a area and saying people entrance behind for infrequent fun times. It’s not as heated as worrying about people’s birthdays and anniversaries. That vigour is off. we mount behind a bar on Tuesdays, and it’s arrange of a love/hate thing. Being in a dining room has always kind of freaked me out, I’ve never unequivocally spent any time serving. But this is so most some-more infrequent and laid back. Being out in front of people, and assembly people, and articulate to people, it’s all been unequivocally great. It reminds me of my childhood, unresolved out in my uncle’s bar, and that’s a unequivocally good feeling.”

Where he burgers: “I adore Parlour, and Revival, those burgers are addictive and positively delicious. And I’m a large fan of Flameburger, a one on Central, for a whole slew of reasons. It’s a whole stepping-back-in-time thing, a elementary American diner. It’s unpretentious, it’s good people-watching, it’s good T-shirts. It’s also good to go there from a cook’s viewpoint and demeanour during their equipment, and watch how they put out burgers, or breakfast. It’s flattering awesome.”

Address book: 4563 34th Av. S., Mpls., 612-208-1378. Open 11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Tuesday by Sunday.

Talk to me: Do we have a favorite burger? Share a sum during rick.nelson@startribune.com.

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