Burger breakdown: Why a bacon-cheeseburger with fries cost $9.95 to $17

For a story in Thursday’s Food section, we asked 5 area restaurants to give me a cost relapse of their bacon-cheeseburger with fries. With menu prices trimming from $9.95 to $17, a burgers had a food-cost commission — customarily targeted in a attention as 33 percent — from 26 percent to 36.5 percent. Short version:

Bacon-cheeseburgers in this relapse start during $9.95 during Bootleggers on Broadway in Troy and Manhattan Exchange in Schenectady; Albany’s Pearl Street Pub, during $14, is in a middle; and 15 Church in Saratoga and The People’s Pub in Chatham both assign $17.

The sum … irradiate because prices have such variability nonetheless a restaurants’ particular food costs are within 7 commission points of a 33 percent target. While 15 Church’s bacon-cheeseburger costs 70 percent some-more than Bootleggers’, both with 8 ounces of belligerent beef, 15 Church uses beef that costs twice as many per pound; a cheese is some-more than 5 times pricier; and 15 Church adds a housemade devalue butter that incorporates Irish butter, foie gras, beef bone marrow, steep fat-roasted garlic, Maldon chair salt and other oppulance ingredients. As a result, a many costly plate here has a food cost that is 10.5 commission points aloft than what it costs to make a cheapest bacon-cheeseburger. (Similarly, a People’s Pub’s $17 burger has a 35 percent food cost.) If 15 Church followed a customary formula, a burger would be about $19, while Bootleggers could reduce a to $8.

The package is best seen in print. Online chronicle is here; mid by a story is is embedded striking that is really value clicking to see a breakdowns by restaurant.

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