Burger Bash moves indoors to a Grand Ballroom due to rain

Due to severe weather, A.C. Weekly’s third annual Burger Bash has been changed inside from The Deck to a Grand Ballroom in Golden Nugget. But we won’t let a small sleet moderate a party!

All other sum sojourn a same: Burger Bash will take place 1 p.m. Saturday, May 19, with VIP acknowledgment during noon. VIP tickets also embody a singular book T-shirt, and Eleven Eleven will take a theatre to amp adult a party. Click HERE to buy tickets!

Head to AtlanticCityWeekly.com/BurgerBash for some-more information.

Here’s who’s bringing what to Burger Bash:

Joseph’s during Renault Winery:

Joseph’s Jersey Devil Burger — A Burger Bash virgin, Joseph’s Restaurant during Renault Winery throws a shawl in a ring with “Joseph’s Jersey Devil Burger,” an all-beef patty easily surfaced with their possess pointy mac and cheese. Decadent, luscious and devilish, this is a burger we competence usually try into a Pine Barrens during night for.

Michael Patrick’s Brasserie:

The Carolina Burger — This year Nugget’s Michael Patrick’s Brasserie takes us for a outing down South with their Carolina burger. This entrance uses a brioche hurl to reason a appetizing burger that comes surfaced with cheddar cheese, pulled pig and homemade coleslaw.

Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall, around Sublime Seafood:

The Onion-believeable Burger —The grand opening of this soon-to-be-hotspot is right around a corner, though attendees to this year’s Burger Bash will have a possibility to representation a ambience of what’s to come. Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall’s outrageously luscious burger is a loyal onion lover’s dream come true. It starts with a tradition beef brew and piles gruyere cheese and a drink braised onion jam onto an onion brioche bun. This is one to demeanour out for!

Guy Fieri’s Chophouse:

The Chophouse Smokehouse Burger — When Guy Fieri’s name is involved, we can count on food that is not usually tasty, though pushed to a over-the-top extreme. This entrance from Bally’s falls right in line with that, commanding a house-blend beef patty with smoked brisket, pulled pork, scotch brownish-red sugarine grill sauce, their signature “Donkey Sauce,” and dejected chicharrones, crispy onions and a plight all on a garlic butter brioche bun. Wow.

Ruby’s Dinette:

The Pizza Burger — For a final dual years Ruby’s Dinette from Resorts has been a fan favorite during Burger Bash. This year they come prepared to take home a climax with their pizza burger — an Italian disfigured chronicle of an American classical with pepperoni, marinara salsa and mozzarella cheese all piled on their famous burger and seated between dual garlic buns.

Vic Anthony’s:

The Steakhouse Summer Truffle Bacon Burger — Golden Nugget’s Vic Anthony’s might be best famous for their steaks, though don’t blink their burger diversion as it is unequivocally many on point! This year they lapse to Burger Bash with a code new entry, a Steakhouse Summer Truffle Bacon Burger, with Nueske bacon, Jersey tomato and, truffle cheese all surfaced with a allegation of whole pellet sugar mustard.

McCullough’s Pub:

General Tso’s Burger — McCullough’s Pub has been sensitively portion some of a best burgers around for a while now. For Burger Bash they come with a bit of a curveball, adding Asian flavors to a brew with their General Tso’s Burger, that comes surfaced with crispy onions and lonesome in a famous sweet/spicy salsa we get during your favorite Chinese takeout spot. This could be a diversion changer.

Delaware Ave. Oyster House:

The Oyster House Classic Burger — So we cruise a mark that specializes in oysters can’t presumably make a good burger? Guess we haven’t attempted a Oyster House Classic from a folks during Delaware Ave. Oyster House. A flame-grilled burger surfaced with melty American cheese, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and their unequivocally possess house-made tip sauce. Simple, nonetheless perfect.

Vagabond Kitchen Tap House:

The Pepperoni Pizza Doughboy — The reigning champ from final year, Vagabond Kitchen Tap House is always a hazard to take home a gold. Last year it was their deep-fried Spartan Dough Boy burger took home tip honors, and this year they lapse with a turn on that concept, adding pepperoni and uninformed mozzarella cheese to their angus burger afterwards jacket it in pizza dough, low frying a whole thing and portion it adult prohibited with a side of homemade marinara sauce. Will anyone be means to take down a champ?

The Cove:

The Castle Burger — If we were one of a few that indeed got to go by a mythological Brigantine Castle in a ’70s and ’80s before it burnt down, cruise yourself lucky. In reverence to that famous condemned attraction, The Cove’s entrance for this year’s Burger Bash is “the Castle Burger,” a appetizing all-beef patty surfaced with homemade pico de gallo, grilled jalapeno and finished with chipotle aioli. That’s adequate feverishness to bake down a palace for sure!

AC Burger Co.:

The Carnivore Burger — With a name like AC Burger Co., we know they aren’t personification around when it comes to burgers. This year Harrah’s grill lapse for a second time, and their Carnivore Burger is certain to disturb beef lovers. Doubling down on a beef, they tip their luscious burger with braised brisket, horseradish cheddar and coleslaw to emanate a ideal beast!

Bill’s Bar Burger:

The Mini Bill Burger — Newly non-stop during Golden Nugget Atlantic City, Bill’s Bar Burger is a stream prohibited mark in city for top-notch burgers. One punch of their Mini Bill Burger with American cheese, Bill’s special sauce, lettuce, tomato and plight and we will know why.

Margate Dairy Bar:

The MDB Burger — Last year was a initial time Margate Dairy Bar seemed during Burger Bash and they now became a place that everybody was buzzing about. Choosing not to disaster with perfection, they move behind a same burger that incited so many heads final year, a MDB Burger. A elementary classic, a MDB facilities a Pat LaFrieda brew of belligerent brief rib and brisket surfaced with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a “secret sauce” on one of their branded buns.

Hard Rock Café:

Hard Rock Café came out overhanging final year with their Guinness bacon cheeseburger, though for 2018 they have unequivocally upped a ante, formulating a special burger usually for a event. It doesn’t even have an central name. Why? Because it doesn’t need one! It’s that good. What creates it so good? They start with a patty surfaced with Cooper pointy cheese, Taylor ham, grilled vinegar Italian prolonged hots and a sunny-side-up egg all on a Formica Bros. soothing roll. Watch out!


The Volcano Burger — Margaritaville in Resorts enters Burger Bash for a initial time and they aren’t being pointed with their burger choice. The Volcano Burger takes dual of a many renouned equipment on Margaritaville’s menu (the Volcano Nachos and a Cheeseburger in Paradise) and Frankensteins them together to emanate one beast of a burger. It all starts with uninformed belligerent beef easily surfaced with chili criminal carne, queso sauce, homemade pico de gallo, green cream, guacamole, preserved jalapenos and Fritos, on a toasted pub bun.

Tavern on a Bay:

Signature Bacon Burger — Tavern on a Bay in Somers Point has always been a good mark to squeeze a beef or some seafood, though those in-the-know determine that their burger has always been tip notch. For this year’s Burger Bash, they offer adult their signature bacon burger, that comes surfaced with crumbled blue cheese, lettuce tomato and red onion. A classic.

Johnny Rockets:

Johnny Rockets knows their approach around a good burger and their entrance to Burger Bash is no exception. The Spicy Houston Burger comes installed with pointy jalapenos, peppers jack cheese and their unequivocally possess smokin’ chipotle plantation sauce, all built on a patty done from 100 percent approved Angus beef.

Shore Fire Grille:

Shore Fire Grille in Manahawkin shakes things adult with an implausible burger that we can’t wait to cackle down. It’s called “The Pilgrim Burger” and it’s fundamentally Thanksgiving cooking on a slider. A uninformed turkey burger gets surfaced with brownish-red gravy aioli, cranberry melba and apple cornbread stuffing piled on a squishy, luscious potato roll. Now THAT is something to be grateful for!

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