BulGoGi Burrito

“You like a small spice?” asks Charlie Chi, disposition out a window of his food truck, BulGoGi Sarasota, a usually food lorry in Sarasota rocking Korean BBQ. A family affair, his mother Soomi prepares all a meats (marinated for a smallest of 12 hours), and while a beef and duck are ideally scrumptious, a pig brings a heat, pleasantness of a brine full of Korean red peppers paste. And on this day, parked in a lot outward of Michael Chokr’s Diamond Vault, BulGoGi Sarasota unveils a small something special—the BulGoGi Burrito. Crammed with a same tasty multiple of proposal meat, luscious grilled onions, chewy honeyed potato noodles and rice and lettuce, a burrito form elevates a bulgogi during a same time as Chi elevates a burrito. Before jacket it all in a flour tortilla, he adds a Korean hold with a covering of seaweed to emanate a sturdier bind. “I don’t make a unchanging burrito,” says Chi. “I make a improved one.” But holding twice as prolonged to prepare, a BulGoGi Burrito is no unchanging occurrence so be certain to let Chi know to move it back. —P.Lederer

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