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Exhibition On View Dec 8, 2017 – Jan 12, 2018
Closing Reception Friday, Jan 12, 2018, 6 – 9pm
Exhibition Hours: by appointment | Contact Dana Ranke: DRanke@autism-services-inc.org
Argus Gallery: 1896 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14207

Buffalo, NY – Argus Gallery is gratified to announce a two-person muster in partnership with The Arts Programs during Autism Services, Inc. Paintings by Daniel Maysonet and Jim Bilger will be on display.

Sheer unrestrained for favorite subjects creates a colourful appetite of countenance for both Daniel Maysonet and Jim Bilger. Their paintings seem to complement, even applaud one another, maybe mostly given both artists simply paint what creates them happy.

Daniel Maysonet’s paintings enclose mystic motifs in a accumulation of singular tone combinations. The puzzling imagery is suspicion to paint a faces of summer sunshine, flowers, people in a artist’s life, and his name – resolutely embellished in exuberant, assured brushstrokes. Typically Maysonet paints his name broadly along a tip corner of a canvas. The altogether combination is anchored by horizontal symbol creation imitative a blockade or stems surfaced with circles (flowers), steady opposite a center of a canvas. The bottom corner of a portrayal is mostly underscored with a thick line or additional rows of round shapes.

Without Maysonet’s difference to elaborate on his work, a spectator is left to pull conclusions formed on a paintings themselves and information perceived from those who know him. One such interpretation is that a fence, or quarrel of flowers, is presumably a illustration of a same 5 people. A vast face is mostly manifest in a background. It has been reported with certainty that if flowers are a subjects, Maysonet is portrayal a garden; a face in a credentials is a sun, and Maysonet titles any one of these paintings “Summer”.

Jim Bilger paints volcanoes. Not given he is meddlesome in a theme of volcanoes, though given a word starts with a minute “V”. “V” is for volcano. “V” is also for violet, vulture, vine, and vanilla ice cream. Bilger’s paintings simulate his delight in formulating alliterative lists of difference that start with any minute of a alphabet, infrequently accompanied by images. “A” is for apple, “B” is for booger, “C” is for cake. He also paints lists of ten: 10 butterflies, 10 sodas, 10 colors. Bilger creates many lists. He has favorite lists, such as dishes and ice cream flavors, and favorite words, like “boogers” and “volcano.”

Bilger’s paintings beam a spectator by his world, where any calendar date coordinates with a number, letter, and color. He has a ability to emanate monthly calendars of years past and future, numerically scold to a day. On a spot, he can tell we that a 4th of Jul falls on a Sunday in a year 2010. He can also tell we a day of a week on that we were born, if we tell him your birth date and year.

Bilger enjoys assembly new people and training their birth dates. On his birthday, a cake he prefers is vanilla.

Daniel Maysonet has participated in several organisation exhibitions locally given 2012, during locations including Rust Belt Books, Hallwalls Members’ show, WNED Horizons Gallery, and many recently, a three-person muster during Starlight Studio and Gallery in 2016 with Matthew Sharp and John Giangreco.

For over a decade, Jim Bilger’s paintings have been enclosed in exhibitions during area galleries including a Burchfield Penny Art Center Community Gallery, ArtSpace Buffalo, Larkin during Exchange Gallery, Hallwalls Members’ show, and WNED Horizons Gallery. In 2016 he exhibited in a two-person muster Landmarks and Text with James Marino during a Atrium Gallery, and after that year was selected for a Dr. Tom and May Chou Art Achievement Award during Autism Services’ Arts Work Auction during Asbury Hall.

CEO Veronica Federiconi combined a Arts Programs during Autism Services, Inc. (ASI) in 2002, with a goal to give people with autism a event to turn concerned in a visible and behaving arts. ASI celebrates autism as a culture, and a humanities are a height for a artists to demonstrate themselves to their communities. The Arts Programs are partnered with veteran artists and humanities organizations to emanate collaborative projects, reciprocal training opportunities, and humanities events. ASI artists are determined members of a Western New York humanities community, achieving personal and veteran milestones such as solo exhibitions, open performances, recognition, and awards.

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