Brats, BBQ and Baja tacos: Here’s any state’s many iconic dish

“Missouri is known, limit to border, for barbecue: ribs, brisket, turkey, pig steak. Kansas City, an aged heart of meat-packing, is a city installed with grill tradition. Burnt ends – a crusty, greasy beef cut from a indicate of a smoked beef brisket – are many in direct and particular to a city. Sauce is also critically vicious (most are tomato-based, with a combo of sweet-spicy-tangy flavors). To a east, St. Louis is now a home to good contemporary perturbation and grill discovery. About 10 years ago, St. Louis held grill heat – with Pappy’s being one of a city’s initial trailblazers – and, today, a food is a vicious partial of a city’s “four B’s of tourism”: baseball, a blues, drink and barbecue.”

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