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McDonald’s, saying some-more green
McDonald’s is disposition in tough on a limited-time customarily offerings: The fast-food hulk announced final week that it’ll offer 4 new flavors of a cultishly beloved, mint-flavored Shamrock Shake, that customarily hits menus (obviously) around St. Patrick’s Day. Fans of a 530-calorie packet and churned cream libation — that traditionally mixes McDonald’s vanilla custard with immature mint-flavored syrup — can shortly sequence adult a chocolate chronicle (featuring dual layers, a chocolate shake on bottom and a mint-custard brew on top), a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe (featuring a reduction of packet syrup, mocha, and caramel frappe), and Shamrock versions of prohibited chocolate and frappe, that simply supplement a packet syrup to both those beverages. The shaken-up shake lineup is being rolled out now.

Super Bowl concessions
During final night’s nail-biting Super Bowl contest, a immeasurable infancy of us expected watched from a comfort of someone’s home, arguing over the seven-layer dip and the commercials. But if we were a fan examination a diversion live during Houston’s NRG Stadium, we were expected shelling out some critical income for food: Business Insider has a outline of benefaction prices during yesterday’s game, where Cheetos-branded popcorn and Tostitos-branded nachos set fans back. A bottle of H2O cost diners $6, cocktails started during $15, and sandwiches from a stadium’s plcae of Killen’s Barbecue cost $19 apiece. (The “normal” cost for a Killen’s sandwich, per a restaurant’s unchanging menu: $8.75.)

The grocery of a destiny is here, and it’s stealing a robots.
Amazon has already polished a business of delivering toilet paper and sundries to your doorway within 48 hours — now it wants in on a normal grocery game, too. CEO Jeff Bezos is eyeing a full-sized Amazon grocery concept, the NY Post reports, finish with robotic staff that creates a selling routine as programmed as humanly possible. According to reports, skeleton call for as few as 3 tellurian employees in any 10,000- to 40,000-square-foot location, that will be stocked with a grocery items, like produce, that “shoppers typically like to touch” and name for themselves.

WORTHY READING: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl final night, though did we know he also has his possess ($200) cookbook? Called a TB12 Nutrition Manual, it’s apparently reduction a collection of recipes and some-more a “living document” that involves recipes removing invariably sent to buyers. Sounds… reduction than delicious.

VIDEO INTERLUDE: Hungover from final night’s large game? This competence assistance (or not):

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