Boy bakes adult honeyed success

Donnie dipped a powder blue cosmetic flare into a cylinder of flour and squished floured flare marks onto a small brownish-red balls of peanut butter cookie mix encircling a baking tray.

Moments later, a cookies done from Donnie’s tip recipe baked in a oven inside a Putting Downs First home during 4608 Mahoning Ave. NW.

While a white kitchen timer ticked off 10 minutes, Donnie and Meadows changed to a dining room, where a mechanism shade could be consulted to see how many new orders had come in for a boy’s mint business, Donnie’s Cookie Jar. In a initial dual weeks of what he hopes will develop into his unequivocally possess grill someday, Donnie sole some-more than 60 dozen cookies.

“Donnie likes to cook,” pronounced Meadows, of Garrettsville. “So each time he comes to spend a night, we cook.”

Donnie, of Southington, removed regulating cooking for his dad, Gary. “We done meatballs and sketties. And garlic bread. we desired that.”

He’s also your male if you’re in a mood for prohibited dogs, French toast or potatoes and eggs. And Santa Claus can count on creatively baked cinnamon rolls when he creates his annual Christmas Eve trek.

Meadows flipped by photos on her phone display Donnie picking out mixture during a grocery store and operative with a assistant during a checkout lane.

“We go to a library and get a cookbook,” she said. “He picks a recipe. We go to a store. He buys what he wants and he pays for it.

“He’s training a things that he needs to know,” she said.

Putting Downs First, of that Meadows is executive director, offers $250 scholarships that can be used toward anything that enriches a lives of a applicant. Donnie used his extend to buy his possess mixer, measuring cups and spoons and other kitchen utensils. He also has his possess website,, and his possess Facebook page, Donnie’s Cookie Jar, that embody his YouTube-style commercials.

The idea, Meadows said, is for everybody with Down syndrome to be means to work in a margin that interests them and not have workshops for a infirm as their usually option.

Donnie’s mom, Paulette Eisenbraun, said, “A lot of times, people with a incapacity are put in as dishwashers or jobs that they don’t wish to do, though standard people feel they can do. We’re perplexing to find out what people with Down’s are ardent about and perplexing to make that happen.”

Even to a indicate of Donnie using his possess grill one day?

“I unequivocally consider so. we unequivocally consider he could,” she said.

Donnie’s twin sister, Emma, who also has Down syndrome, harbors other aspirations notwithstanding Donnie’s offer of a pursuit in his destiny restaurant.

“She does yoga. She had settled she would like to learn yoga,” Paulette Eisenbraun said. “But she also wants to be a rival shooter. we don’t know where that came from since she’s never shot a gun before.

“We’re only listening to them and vouchsafing them try to do a things that seductiveness them,” pronounced Paulette, boss of a internal Putting Downs First group.

Meadows, a special preparation instructor who works with inclusion programs in Warren City Schools, attended a DSWorks Employment Program seminar in Oct in Washington, D.C. The idea of a module is to inspire companies and businesses to sinecure people with Down syndrome, and to boost opportunities for people with Down syndrome to work in real-world settings.

Part of a knowledge was dining during C21, a grill run by roughly 40 people with Down syndrome. The name C21 comes from a additional 21st chromosome that causes a condition. Those who start their possess business can sight others, who afterwards can go out and start their possess places to occupy and sight even some-more people with Down syndrome, she said.

Donnie’s cookie try traces behind to a sleet day dual years ago.

“I did not have school, so we baked cookies,” Donnie said. He incited to his aunt. “Do we remember when we done ice cream?”

“Yes, though what about your cookies?” She incited to a visitor. “He combined a tip part that he came adult with on his own. We won’t tell what it is.”

“Why?” Donnie asked.

“Because everybody will make a same cookie,” she said.

Donnie nodded.

With unrestrained and giggles that done a upsurge of difference and wisecracks infrequently tough to distinguish, Donnie bubbled with skeleton to feed his classmates “like during a hotel” until everybody got “this big.” He widespread his arms far-reaching around his belly.

“I wish we could make hulk cookies,” he said.

He wants to sell adequate cookies to go to a Legoland Florida Resort. Because, pronounced Donnie, it’s a hotel. With Legos in each room. And a swimming pool. And they offer breakfast.

Meadows pronounced half of a increase from Donnie’s Cookie Jar will be set aside toward a Legoland trip. The other half goes into assets toward a probability of owning his possess grill when he’s grown up.

“He’s always favourite to assistance bake,” Paulette said. “He’s been baking for utterly a prolonged time, though only recently, with his possess recipe, that only spurred it.”

In a kitchen, a timer sounded. “Uh, oh,” Donnie said. It was time to mislay another creatively baked collection of cookies from a oven. Donnie’s Cookie Jar has orders to fill.

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