Bistrot La Minette takes fondue to a subsequent turn with their Nov informal meal

Every month, a friendly French bistro in Queen Village, Bistrot La Minette, offers a prix fixe plate that highlights a cuisine of a opposite segment of France. For November, they’re holding fondue to a subsequent turn with their Menu Mont d’Or, that focuses on a cuisine of a Jura region (located in a eastern partial of a country), that isn’t mostly featured on menus in French restaurants.

“The cuisine is not so many ‘special,’ per se, as it is rare,” explains owners Peter Woolsey. “Juracienne wines take some-more bid to lane down, as do some of a region’s cheeses (like Mont d’Or). On a other hand, some Juracienne dishes are all over France (for example, a world-famous Comte cheese).”

Woolsey adds that Jura’s many famous plate can be found via many of eastern France: Bresse, that is duck baked with morels, cream and vin jaune.

“But as a segment but any vast cities, sandwiched between Bourgogne and Switzerland, it’s distant adequate off a beaten trail that many of a cuisine never creates it really distant afield. That’s since we’re so vehement to applaud it with this menu,” he says. 

The indulgent four- march plate is endorsed for groups of 4 and revolves around a circle of Mont d’Or cheese, that is baked in a balsa timber container, holding fondue to a subsequent level.

“As we pierce into a holiday months, we’re always looking for ways to share a plate among friends, and a informal tradition of pity a circle of Mont d’Or immediately appealed to us,” he says. “For this plate for four, we’ll ready dual starters, followed by a normal categorical plate of Mont d’Or with saucisson Marteau and potatoes, and a intemperate dessert — ideal for pity among friends and family.”

Having gifted a plate myself, it is a ideal approach to move your friends and family together for a holiday season, and deliberation how many food we get, a value is good value it. For $160, a celebration of 4 is served a following 4 courses:

Salade Jurassienne: frisee, escarole, red root lettuce, walnuts, marinated French ham, Comté cheese and Jurassienne-style vinaigrette

Potée Jurassienne: soup of cabbage, white beans, smoked pig belly, carrot, leek and potato

Fondue de Mont d’Or: a whole circle of Mont d’Or cheese (a creamy, bloomy-rind cheese), baked in a balsa timber enclosure and infused with a bit of white wine, served comfortable with Saucisse Morteau, a normal juniper-smoked sausage, and potatoes and mushrooms.

Gateau Arboisien: almond, hazelnut and cocoa cake with vanilla ice cream

It’s tough to collect a favorite out of a menu, since each plate shined brightly on a own. (I’m anticipating a Salade Jurassienne and Potée Jurassienne turn Bistrot La Minette regulars, since creation a light plate out of that would be a pleasure in itself.) The Fondue de Mont d’Or was positively decadent and fun to share, generally with a ideally prepared mushrooms, potatoes and smoked sausage. Be certain to save a few bites for dessert since a Gateau Arboisien is a honeyed provide we won’t ever forget. (And we literally get a piece cake of it! There’s no contrition in holding leftovers home.)

There are also featured wines that are endorsed for your plate and they include:

Domaine Rolet Père et Fils Vielles Vignes Arbois Poulsard Jura (red wine) for $63/bottle

Jean Rickjeart Arbois Chardonnay Jura (white wine) for $57/bottle

Domaine Rolet Père et Fils Macvin du Jura Savagnin-Chardonnay (dessert wine) for $13/glass

You can also get a bottle of Bistrot La Minette’s residence booze if you’re on a budget.

The Menu Mont d’Or is accessible all Nov long. If we have a celebration that is incomparable than 4 people, be certain to make a reservation in advance. The restaurant’s insinuate dining room can even lay adult to 20 people if you’re looking to book a holiday cooking for your company, family entertainment or other special event.

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