Bill King: Homecoming and cooking on a grounds

Bill King

Bill King

Posted: Friday, Sep 29, 2017 3:20 pm

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Bill King: Homecoming and cooking on a grounds


It’s homecoming deteriorate in East Central Alabama. No, I’m not articulate about an annual football diversion when a home group schedules a visiting group whom they know they can whip by during slightest 348 points. we am articulate about a church eventuality when members, and former members, come to church for one special day with a ones still there. As a executive of a Baptist organisation of churches, we routinely have a payoff of attending several of these events any year. Sometimes we am a guest speaker, or a special singer, and infrequently we am usually a special eater. These events roughly always embody a plate with adequate food to feed an whole college football group for a subsequent integrate of months! Sometimes they have singing after a meal. One reason they do this is so everybody can lay down and let their lunch settle and we don’t have to yield to a cars!

These dishes are customarily pot fitness affairs. In box we are not from a south, this means that any chairman brings whatever plate they wish, with no coordinating of a meal. Sometimes a horde church will yield a meat, that routinely consists of boiled chicken. These pot-luck dishes will work everywhere in a south, solely for a southern partial of Louisiana. Without some formulation there, they might finish adult with about 356 bowls of red beans and rice! I’m always vacant during how these things work in Alabama. There will always be cornbread dressing, with cranberry sauce. Up north, they call this things stuffing, though a usually turkey we things down here is ourselves! There will be a normal vegetables, baked beans with hamburger meat, and honeyed potato casserole. Panic erupts if there are 3 or 4 plates-full of deviled eggs and during slightest dual of pear salad. You can’t buy food as good as this in any cafe.

Back in a day, we had “dinner on a ground.” There was nothing of this eating in a church-house things behind then. Most churches had a concrete-slab table, out by a cemetery, approximately a length of a U.S.S. Alabama. The concrete those things were done of was rougher than a chert highway after a tough gully-washer. We kids schooled to never use those tables for home bottom when personification solidify tab after church. If we accidently fell into a corner of one of those tables, we could be frightened for life – maybe even remove a limb! This was behind in a time before churches had enclosed brotherhood halls (which sounds improved than disaster halls), or family life centers (which sounds improved than a gym with a kitchen).

I knew a integrate of ole boys who owned a highway construction association when they were immature men. We’ll call them a Wilson brothers. The brothers trafficked all opposite a state and were mostly divided from home for days during a time. This was behind when churches ate their dishes outside, with a heat, a wind, a ants, a flies, and… a Wilson brothers. That’s since when a Wilson boys were out of town, many places were sealed on Sundays and there was frequency any place to eat out. When they happened by a church carrying “dinner on a ground,” they stopped in for lunch and hoped many folks would assume they were someone’s third cousin from Arkansas.

Quite honestly, there aren’t many things we should suffer some-more than worshipping God with family and aged friends and afterwards enjoying a good plate together, either it’s on a belligerent or in a house, though greatfully don’t move finger-sandwiches or store-bought deserts!

Bill King is a local of Rainsville, where he and his mother graduated from Plainview High School. King is a executive of missions in Opelika, a writer, musician and author. Visit for some-more information.

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