Big flavors make Loyalist good Restaurant Week gamble – if we can squeeze a seat

The good news: The Restaurant Week menu during a Loyalist is not usually a delight, yet a good understanding during $33. Most importantly, it includes a sub-level West Loop restaurant’s famous unwashed burger, a luscious smoke-stack that lives adult to both a disorderly name and large billing.

The bad news: It seems as if a whole city knows this already. Not usually is a grill indifferent online until Feb. 9 (as of this writing), yet when my guest and we showed adult during a entertain to a 4 p.m. opening Saturday, we assimilated a four-person line, and, by a time a Loyalist burst a doors, a line was prolonged adequate to fill adult a bar immediately.

Still: We were early (and lucky), walking in for dual spots during a bar and unresolved out for an hour to wait for a kitchen’s 5 p.m. opening. We also enjoyed a clever span of fresh, winter-agnostic cocktails: Buddha’s Little Finger and Helluva Sunrise.

There was usually a singular choice for a initial course: a uninformed salad of bibb lettuce, fromage blanc, thinly shaved radish and a immature enchantress dressing. Between a soothing cheese and a dressing, a plate was tawny and rich, that is usually how we like a salad of greens.

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