Bicentennial bucket list: 20 must-do events in Illinois

Since we’re usually a few days into a new year, that brand-spanking-new 2018 calendar of yours is substantially prolonged on vacant space.

Let us assistance fill it adult with 20 events via Illinois, from food festivals (Milk! Corn! Pumpkins!) and an epic tug-of-war opposite a Mississippi River to a weekend re-imagining limit life during Illinois’ initial state park.

It’s a latest further to a bicentennial bucket list: 200 things any Illinoisan should do — or see, eat or splash — during slightest once in a lifetime. (FYI: Dec. 3, 2018, outlines dual centuries of statehood for a Land of Lincoln.)

Our 200 To-Do List is divided into 10 categories, any with 20 entries. We’re rolling out a new difficulty any month. We kicked it off in Dec with 20 history-related things to do. In January, “events” is a tie that binds.

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