Beyond Meat To Bring Its Plant-Based Burger To TGI Fridays’ Menu

Since a launch in May 2016, a Beyond Burger has turn a many successful object on Beyond Meat’s roster, interjection to a company’s efforts to get a vegan burger placed in grocery store beef cases alongside belligerent beef. In a past year, Beyond Meat has partnered with vital grocers and distributors including Safeway, Kroger, and Sysco to get a solidified products into 12,000 stores (the burger is now in 3,500 outlets).

As Beyond Meat grows a distribution, it’s also stability to iterate on a products. One of a biggest hurdles is removing a center of a Beyond Burger patty to “brown” like beef does; it tends to sojourn pinkish (the tone comes from beet juice), that can means business to scorch it.

Each new chronicle brings Beyond Meat closer to a idea of indistinguishability. CEO Ethan Brown says, “Our products are so good there’s no reason to cruise it a sacrifice.”

Milestones: In September, Beyond Meat partnered with meal-kit smoothness use Chef’d to embody a Beyond Burger in recipes, bringing a patties to consumers’ doors.

Challenges: While Beyond Meat beefs adult a mainstream access, aspirant Impossible Foods is removing press—and celeb cook endorsements—by pulling into high-end restaurants.

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