Best Ice Cream/Frozen Treat: Avalanche Frozen Yogurt

In Fairfield: 321 Texas St.
1500 Oliver Road
Phone: 425-4866
Hours: 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily

Grab a cup, fill it adult with chocolate, vanilla or a accumulation of other flavors at Avalanche Frozen Yogurt, afterwards shower it with uninformed fruit, candy, cookies or zero during all.

It is all adult to a patron how most or how tiny – they compensate a tiny price per bruise for the goodies.

“Kids are unequivocally visible and unequivocally like to see what they are creating. It’s a pleasure for them,” pronounced owners Pei Wang.

Grownups worry about eating healthy and infrequently they don’t wish a dessert that is heavy, so yogurt is a ideal resolution to prove a honeyed tooth nonetheless watch a waistline.

Avalanche Frozen Yogurt has dual Fairfield locations: Texas Street, that non-stop in 2009, and Oliver Road, that non-stop in Sep 2012.

While he non-stop them during a heart of a recession, it didn’t seem to make a hole in sales.

“I saw a dull space by Monsoon Burgers and suspicion they would element any other,” Wang said.

The flavors stagger out customarily so what a patron gets currently competence not be available next month. While business can have a tack flavors – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry – they can also get some-more outlandish flavors such as cake beat and red velvet solidified yogurt.

Wang pronounced he felt a marketplace in Fairfield could use a yogurt emporium and was agreeably astounded during how welcoming a city is to franchises.

“People are preoccupied by a thought of franchises,” he said. “When we were opening during the second location, people would come down and tell us they couldn’t wait for us to open.”

He is also owners of Monsoon Burgers.

“I wish to foster Fairfield and we wish other people will follow fit and open businesses here,” he said.

With his experience, he realizes that carrying a product we suffer and other people want is a winning idea.

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